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What are the considerations for bathroom ark maintenance? Unexpectedly is hardware problem on cupboard door doesn't close!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-07
How long it will take home bathroom ark useless

cupboard door doesn't close on?

show corner of the card there

is forcing obsessive-compulsive disorder!

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the master door to door service

the main reason is the cabinet put oneself in another's position be affected with damp be affected with damp

cupboard door slightly deformation

add hardware deformation

so shut up don't sealed

so bathroom ark daily maintenance is very important,

bathroom ark volume is relatively large, the same product, is often applied to a variety of materials, such as wood, glass, ceramics, hardware, so different details also have different maintenance skills.

1、【 The cabinet body. The daily maintenance of

family to use the bathroom ark body, material is given priority to with real wood and PVC board. This kind of bathroom ark, although have, after special craft processing, such as moistureproof, insect-resistant, but after all wet toilet, time is long, can rot out of shape. In everyday use, make the dry wet depart of toilet, if the result is bad, want to often use dry cloth to wipe the bathroom ark, remove stains. Toilet also has a lot of soap stains, spray to the bathroom ark, can use the spray cleaning fluid cloth, wipe down the wood texture, lest stains in the gap. Remember here with corrosive cleaning fluid. If the condition allows, still can wax regularly.

2、【 Basin. The daily maintenance of

the bathroom counter top is marble, ceramic material, such as more or better care. After long time use, may leave some scale. Can cut a few slices of lemon gently wipe the surface of the basin, and let stand for a minute or two, then rush clean with clear water, basin can if brightness is new. If the stain is stubborn, it is recommended to use a special detergent, is wiped repeatedly, until clean.

3、【 Hardware. The daily maintenance of

the hardware of bathroom ark, mainly includes the cupboard door handles, cupboard door hinge, cupboard door hinges, etc. These parts are small, easily ignored by us, so need to pay attention to in particular. Especially hinge and hinges, if not regularly to clean, dry, is easy to appear above, to open sliding door is not smooth, cupboard door's fine or not. When cleaning, avoid strongly acidic easily and directly on the hardware.

4、【 The mirror. The daily maintenance of

now the vast majority of bathroom ark is a mirror, help us to sort out makeup look. If the bathroom mirror and cabinet is separate, don't move easily after installation position, so as to avoid the impact on the hurt people. If the mirror in besmirch, glass cleaner to wipe mirror available. Again with dry dishcloth or newspaper to wipe, let mirror lights. Now, of course, some high-end bathroom mirror have after atomization process, easy to wipe on a regular basis.

5、【 The dragon's head] The daily maintenance of

tap a fittings, and bathroom ark is very important and use frequency is very high. So when installation, must pay attention to purge the lines of the impurities, avoid congestion. Some high-end, the leading at the outlet will be filtered water mouth net, can be removed on a regular basis to clean. Leading commercial detergent, soap stains, can use warm water to wipe. Leading chrome plated surface, do not use sharp brush scrub, lest destroy the coating. Do not use detergent containing ammonia, acid or bleach or abrasive cleaning agents.

the above is the small bathroom ark daily maintenance skills, maintenance and a little bit every day, can is good enough to extend the service life of bathroom ark, also for his family to a clean, comfortable, healthy life experience that wash gargle.
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