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What are the installation method of toilet seat? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
Now many people begin to pay attention to health problems, toilet in addition to create a state of wet partition, let toilet and install a shower room outside, many people will go to building materials market to choose a suitable toilet seat. So how to install after the choose and buy back cushion in the toilet? To explain the problem to you right now! Method a difficult outfit is neither zipper is not paste type toilet seat, to put the toilet seat cushion on below. O-rings with the other side of the ring, fixed in the middle of the toilet cover and circle, the circle without hard ring as a whole through the toilet seat, and then in turn set on the top of the toilet cover, can also be condom from the toilet sitting plate inside out, with a hard on the condom aprons, we can leave the aprons in sit side plate, then put up blah to ride around the plate, edge with a rubber band, can take more fast! Another is the simplest method 2 requires you to all of the two lid lift to go up toilet, can gradually along the bottom of the toilet cover up to, generally small circle will be tense in the following, pull big circle, finally can it turn a circle back, big circle can be wrapped around the entire lid. This method is very common, common in most families. Produced by the appear almost solved the closestool of the toilet seat covers all the issues, including the people use it produced by bacteria, and winter cold, when using by toilet seat can be solved. But the toilet seat is expendable, over a period of time is likely to fail, and some material is not strong, as a result, we should choose strong closestool mat, and will be replaced and installation. Toilet mat has a lot of material, the advantages of each type of material is different, we can according to their respective advantages, to choose suitable for toilet mat.
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