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What are the precautions for toughened glass shower room of choose and buy needs -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Do you worry about the glass shower room security? We all know that shower room bring many convenience to family life, take a bath shower room can prevent splash, wet floor and the surrounding facilities, have heat preservation effect in the winter, not afraid of the bath will catch a cold in the winter. Now many families have installed shower bathroom, but the recent news often play glass shower room burst time, make consumers, worried about their home bathroom shower room will appear this kind of problem, at the same time, consumers want to buy shower room more don't know how to choose. In fact, consumers don't need to worry about these problems, and now is with toughened glass, shower room glass is a kind of safety glass, but many consumer think toughened glass is equal to the riot glass, not really, because each shower room factory production level is different, so made of toughened glass quality will also have high and low, coupled with toughened glass is three over one thousand of the explosive rate, there are several reasons for the glass shower room burst, someone to hit to burst, have led to burst because the indoor temperature is higher, it is also possible you choose and buy the poor quality of inferior shower room or installation shower room technology does not pass, not all burst because of the problem of toughened glass, so consumer need not worry about the problem of the glass shower room burst. So consumer is when the shower room glass of choose and buy what need to pay attention to the problem? How to choose and buy high quality shower room? So install shower room glass of choose and buy should pay attention to the following points: ( 1) The 3 c certification mark is the most basic quality assurance, so when the choose and buy to see clearly. ( 2) Probably in 6 mm - tempered glass thickness 8 mm, pay attention to not safe too thin, too thick, and it isn't necessary to knock up sound is ringing, surface with faint lines. ( 3) Edge is flat concave and convex, need to check the glass edge to ensure no damage, or uneven edge processing, avoid bring explosive hazards after installation. ( 4) When the choose and buy can use sunglasses to check the authenticity of toughened glass, if visible color provisions on glass, toughened glass is safe.
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