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What are the shower room hardware accessories? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Hardware fittings, shower room looks a little small, but it is very important, for the fixed plays a big role of shower room, it is important to note when buying shower room to see whether its hardware fittings is complete, the shower room fittings for what? Shower room accessories how to cleaning and maintenance? What are shower pulley hardware accessories used in shower room is 59 # copper and 304 stainless steel. 59 # copper is one of the best hardness and flexibility, strong bearing capacity, despite the high cost but can guarantee the performance and service life of shower room, use for a long time also won't appear on the surface of black spots, blister, delaminating. The best stainless steel of 304 stainless steel as the stainless steel material, after processing, can reach the mirror effect, and has strong metal texture. Next expedition is the glass, which is decided by the quality of the frame, good can withstand 10 mm, 12 mm thick of stainless steel tempered glass, good aluminum alloy of 8 mm thick glass is no problem, the stress difference of the borders, can only carry 5 m m, 6 m m thick glass, security nature. Glass choice, auto level of toughened glass is superior, the surface is very transparent, no particles and pinhole. There is a kind of easy clean huo glass, shampoo, bath liquid adhesive on it, will be like water slide, not like ordinary glass after long-term use of a grey layer of dirt. Water retaining stone retaining water, which has two kinds of man-made and natural. Natural stone is not too high, has been rolling out the floor tile in the bathroom, man-made stone shape, no seams, it is not easy to remaining material, but relatively high, suitable for blank decoration. Rail track is the skill of shower room of choose and buy, most of the problems in the use of late, shower room is a pulley. Many pulley set the nylon jacket, but there were things around. The best choice to use 204 stainless steel pulley, the second choose copper material, as for the alloy material, easy to rust, belong to the poor materials, fall off after a long time easy to produce risk. Pulley is good or bad it is not difficult to distinguish, can have a try with the hand, stainless steel out very smoothly, and the relative difference of the products need to make an effort to move.
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