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What are the skills of shower room of choose and buy simple shower room skills - the choose and buy

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Recently, will inevitably be as decoration rookie some decorate never encountered problems, drainage, layout, bathing necessity choose alone have enough headache, especially in this part of decorate between wei yu. To buy a simple actually not simple shower room, in addition to need to pay attention to the thickness of the glass and metal hinge, shower room also can not ignore the details. So what are the skills of shower room of choose and buy? 1. Choose simple shower room to see the thickness of the glass, when choosing shower room is to consider the thickness of the glass and bearing. As the room of shower room, glass should not be too thick, generally 8 mm is enough. 2. Check the hardware hinge and beams when choosing simple shower room, hardware hinge and beams is hub. To be on the safe side, the glass thickness is less than 10 mm, with explosion-proof membrane will be more safe. At the top of the shower room frame and an additional alloy bar, on the other end of the beams fixed at both sides of the wall, it is safer. 3. Style, simple shower room look like diamond shower room, between the wei yu that is more suitable for the relatively small space, choose the shower room is very convenient, save a space, but often to clean up the ramp, make a door pull up more smoothly. 4. Simple shower room is paying attention to detail is important to note when buying details. Hinge, sealing strip, slide and handle all need to try to push, and pay attention to every detail of products, glass and glass, glass and metope joint sealing strip is also very important. High quality shower seal there should be no cracks in the hinge, door seal should be between magnetic, in this way can we better waterproof effect. 5. Simple shower room is the shower room of aluminum material and certificate qualification, at least 12 degrees hardness, thickness of at least 1. 2 mm, upper aluminum glass should be 1. More than 5 mm. The hardness of aluminum can usually be pressed aluminum frame to test by hand, at the same time need to test the strength of the aluminum plate and the total hardness of shower room, check the original toughened glass for 3 c authentication marks, product quality inspection certificate, the patent certificate. 3 c authentication is short for China compulsory product certification. 6. Simple shower room watching pulley and pull rod to buy shower room can use the hand, test whether smooth, pulley when by external pulleys and aluminum iron whether exercise stress, or easy to fall off, etc. Second, the lever of shower room recommendations should choose not promiscuous sexual strong coil rod, straight rod, inclined rod, etc.
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