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What is a good bath shop open, and the overall sanitary ware market

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-26
A lot of people want to open a shop, the wei yu that has a special but misery to open what bath shop good, overall sanitary ware market? To know the whole wei yu has not yet spread in our country, there is also a huge market vacancy, it's a good industry. Appollo sanitary ware market analysis to analyze the whole sanitary ware.

the whole sanitary ware the emergence of the acceleration of the integration of the product that defend bath and the further development of sanitary ware industry, as well as consumers save time and energy decorating. This idealized whole sanitary ware, however, does not occupy the sanitary ware market soon. Although the hype has been deeply rooted in the concept of integral wei yu, but the market reaction has been tepid, consumers still look more buy less.

according to industry insiders estimate that over the next five years, integral hutch defends market space will amount to 40 billion yuan of above, if coupled with a large number of associated hutch defends electric appliance equipment, in the next 10 years, the market space is expected to reach 100 billion yuan. As each big brand across the board in hutch defends each link, integrate resources, do strong, do big, rapidly to meet consumer demand for hutch defends consumer's 'integration', reduce the distance between products and consumers, as the whole hutch defends the main direction of enterprise development.

faced with the crisis brought about by the foreign sanitary ware brand competition, the wind has been at first-tier cities in China in the international sanitary ware brand start to feel cold, to look at two 3 class market. And they soon began to formulate the corresponding marketing and sales strategies, retain first-tier markets do not break at the same time, expand the market share of second - and third-tier markets.
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