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What is a good brand sanitary ware agent? Buck up

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-28

What is a good brand sanitary ware agent? Upgrading of the consumption as the middle class, sanitary ware also re-emergence in the evolving entity shop. In 2019, the Appollo sanitary ware the newly opened store number still maintained rapid growth, in this issue we talk about how they revive entity shop in the new environment. 1, experience in 'what all can buy' on the Internet of the Internet age, the entity shop has gone beyond the concept of 'sell', more important is to provide experience for consumers. In glut on the market, product homogeneity is to attract customers, set up shop must have their own personalized products and experience value. Around the target customer shopping experience, making young fashion store is Appollo in product display, display, store decoration and other differences. Target customer requirements and design stores, has the customer's identity and belonging. 2, store management efficiency has an important evaluation criteria, is the plateau effect, refers to the sales generated per unit area. Stores show what products, not blindly, but there are big data as support. Appollo do user research in front of the product development, from the aesthetic and living habits to grasp the consumer demand, so the development of the product to keep the forward-looking, become very popular in the market. 3, custom store most afraid of is the backlog of inventory, how much store inventory, in addition to product width, also related to the depth of the product. What is the depth of the product? Refers to the different types, different specifications of the same product. Such as clothes, there are big code, the code, small size, etc. , are necessary to prepare the inventory. To reduce the number of stores inventory pressure, Appollo is how to do? Bathroom cabinet, for example, it overturns the traditional 'finished', the concept of product, store just show a set of samples, with a custom design, presents the infinite portfolio of products, meet the needs of different families who all customization. Agent what is a good brand sanitary ware, support is also important, Appollo opened so many sanitary ware agent, to ensure the successful operations of each store, also can not do without the support of our perennial traveling team, is face to face, they more hand-holding, gave the dealer is the most effective support. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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