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What is a good material of bathroom ark? The bathroom ark 5 kinds of material advantages and disadvantages compared

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-26

What is a good material of bathroom ark? Because of the special toilet environment, so have higher request for the bathroom ark material, at present, the market commonly used material has solid wood bathroom ark, multi-layer solid wood, plywood, PVC, metal and so on five big classes, so the bathroom ark is what material? Introduce the bathroom ark are below the advantages and disadvantages of five materials. What is a good material bathroom ark: solid wood real wood is made of complete log sheet. The advantage of real wood is natural environmental protection, quality of a material is solid, suitable for all kinds of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, so antique bathroom ark is solid wood. But the shortcomings of real wood is also very obvious, because the characteristic of the wood itself, in a dry environment is easy craze, again, this is not quality problem, because the environment caused by cracking many vendors are not responsible for after sales. What is a good material bathroom ark: multi-layer solid wood multi-layer solid wood is cut the natural logs into boards, and then pass freely crisscross, suppression and become, such as high temperature and high pressure process from material composition, multi-layer solid wood is wood. Multi-layer solid wood is retained the advantages of real wood of high quality, and overcome the shortcomings of real wood is easy to crack, prevent deformation and cracking prevention performance is stronger. Multi-layer solid wood defect is used the glue, a lot of people worried about pollution. Appollo multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark USES is plant protein adhesive, so don't worry about this. What is a good material bathroom ark: man-made board is man-made board wood or other non-wood plant as raw material, after processing. Man-made board has the advantage of lower cost, physical and mechanical performance is stable, affected by the weather little deformation. Defect is relatively poor resistance to water, also used the glue, but the chest of a lot of big brands is also use man-made board, does not necessarily man-made board is not environmental protection, also want to see the glue used and quality control. What is a good material bathroom ark: PVCPVC is a kind of chemical sheet. Advantage is light material, waterproof and moistureproof, won't craze. Defect is chemical sheet, will release harmful substances are relatively more, PVC bathroom cabinet and poor bearing capacity, easy deformation, not durable, if home decorate is not recommended. What bathroom cabinet material: metal mainly include stainless steel and aluminum metal bathroom ark, advantage is waterproof, durable, hardness and strength is out of reach for the other plate. While the disadvantage is that metal corrosion, structural difference, so the bathroom ark style metal is simple, a lack of beauty. What is a good material of bathroom ark? Comprehensive, all kinds of material all have advantages and disadvantages, multi-layer solid wood with quality, environmental protection, and beautiful and fashionable. Like Appollo bathroom ark is right choice. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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