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What kind basin are there? The detail design can let a person shine at the moment!

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-06
We installed between sanitary ware there are three types of basin, if according to the installation process, are nothing more than two, undercounter basin and the stage. Let's see what's the difference between these types of basin, between wei yu in, what are the details of the design need our attention!

1, stage basin

the stage basin generally more beautiful, in addition to the square, circular, elliptic and possibly other petal shape, on the surface of the art, and so on can choose, the general collocation is more higher. Defect is easy to existing health dead Angle, easy to remaining some hair, dirt, dust, etc.

2, undercounter

undercounter is usually installed on the mesa, from down to up sticks on the table, the advantage is to clean the table is very convenient and mesa clutter can be easily erased, keep the table clean. This process usually glass glue on mesa and basin between play, if play the kind of glass glue, after a long time that a circle may be black, so want to choose good quality.

3, one basin to

there are a whole basin, basin and mesa is seamlessly together, clean clean than undercounter process more convenient, more than one basin in the finished product bathroom ark.

the following is a detailed design, between sanitary ware inside what we need to pay attention to detail design? Left left left

1, lens ark should choose

choose a mirror or lens ark choice, this can receive need to choose according to their own homes. Personally think that there is a lens ark is more convenient, storage capacity can be improved a lot. The choice of the lens ark also has exquisite, want to have a part open to receive, receive part of the closed, open grid for placing the commonly used items.

2, bathroom cabinet lighting design

bathroom cabinet lighting design is also very important, the light is the first requirement for look in the mirror, most people will probably only in the mirror above the installation of a lens headlight, actually is a good way, both side mirror set lighting, about a wide range, many professional dresser is such Settings.

3, wall drainage

can consider to wash one's hands stage of drainage discharge into a wall, compared with the traditional line, wall row can let basin at the bottom of the space has a higher efficiency. If do ground ark, the cabinet below available space more; If do condole ark, the space can appear more relaxed, more easy to clean.

4, smoked pull bibcock

stage basin also can consider to match our daoba smoked pull bibcock, directly in the basin for like shampoo, can be said to be convenient for a lot of, don't draw with common bibcock is the same, when I was out can be used as similar to the function of the handheld shower, wash your hair is very convenient.

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