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What type of shower? Sanitary ware manufacturer how to choose?

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-04
Most people think have to do is to just pick a shower, and then buy back only to find that is not the kind of, you want to be to buy again. Is divided into several different types of shower shower nozzle, the function of each type are also different, household shower also is to have cultured, so what's the type of shower? Sanitary ware manufacturer how to choose?

a, the type of shower

1, LED light rain shower head not only provides the function of the rain shower head out of the water, more into the ambient lighting model, further enhance the enjoyment level of the shower. Intelligent lighting induction flower is aspersed, through the built-in temperature inductor, remind the bath water temperature changes, shower head lights will changes with the change of water temperature, can enjoy bath pleasure.

2, constant temperature faucet shower heads can be preset like water temperature and maintain a constant during the whole shower. When water temperature or pressure change of water supply, such as residential elsewhere when someone flush the toilet, constant temperature faucet can adjust the shower water temperature in an instant. Good thermostatic tap the built-in security features, can prevent water temperature by mistake to 38 degrees above.

3, magnetization, negative ion shower shower nozzle with negative ion ball, ball of energy, far-infrared mineralization ball, and the function of magnet, through magnetization, activation, filtering and ionization effect to remove the residual chlorine in the water, heavy metal ions, suspended pollutant, organic micropollutants, inhibition of bacteria and other harmful substances. Activated and softening, activated water, increase water penetration, live net force, make many kinds of precious minerals, for easy absorption by human body cell. Magnetized water molecules penetrate into improve the skin and subcutaneous blood microcirculation, strengthen the body's biological magnetic field, deeply clean deepness nourish your body.

4, with the aid of the clever design of the 360 ° rotating sprinkler, let users only gently rotating nozzle, can adjust the water injection direction. Provides a variety of spray patterns to choose from: strong water maser type, a spirits; Bubble type water through more air suction showers, and to save water; The rain type and water spray, massage type.

2, household choose shower which good

home shower choice above, which can be of but we must first choice when buy normal manufacturer production product, the second is to value the quality, can not buy it broke with a few days; The third point is to choose to have water conservation function, home, as long as they are comfortable, saving water is necessary. If the lady with the nozzle can choose a few skin care effect of nozzle, or other functions, can choose according to their own needs.

that is Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer to introduce the type of shower heads, convenient for our own use, you still should choose to suit oneself shower nozzle, cannot say function is good, still want to see the quality, the quality is really good.
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