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When buying a simple shower room, with bottom basin to good or not to bring a bottom? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Many consumers in the choose and buy when simple shower room, not clear of the basin or without bottom end of the belt is better. The following, well-known brand shower room - — Shower room to science for everyone! One, regardless of whether or not to bring the base, must first ensure the quality of products and the quality of the base, cheap low quality as weather bar at the bottom of the basin. And high quality shower basin of real estate can better guarantee the aesthetic value and use of shower room. Two, the market of shower basin are generally acrylic bottom bottom, after installation can better reflect the integrity of shower room, keep the beautiful of shower room, then can better to ensure the safety in the process of the shower, to have the family of the elderly and the children in the home, suggest to install a bottom bowl, basin, from the bottom of the installation need to be aware of is the installation quality at the bottom of the basin, it is best to basin of the resin of strong enough bearing capacity. Long time, can better ensure the safety of shower room. Also need to see how your floor waterproof, if waterproof is not good, suggest you use the chassis, after all, a chassis, the water is directly for the pipe, so that can ensure the shower won't appear the situation of the poor drainage. Three, but now in the market more at the bottom of the bowl not guaranteed, it's easy to bad, maintenance and trouble, this time, we use the weather bar is much more convenient. Base is usually health dead Angle, on the other hand, is not easy to clean, easy to shelter evil people and practices, there is no base of shower room is simple and easy, if really for waterproof and drain, can do a marble weather bar, with white cement or marble. Do not sit bottom of shower room clean economy, easy cleaning, the price is cheaper than that of with bottom basin. Four, if the bathroom floor drain with the acrylic base drains and a certain distance, you can use pipe connection, but need to be too high the height of the shower room, in view of this, or suggest to buy without the base, using the manger of the shower room.
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