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When simple shower room of choose and buy need to know some important matters! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Toilet decorate as important as the sitting room decorate a kitchen, beautiful also attaches great importance to this aspect, now also in the social stage of development, are also in the improvement of living standards of people, from the traditional bathroom toilet merged into a separate shower room now, so in modern life, many families will choose cheaper and convenient simple shower room, and what the stand or fall of simple shower room? See side panel can be removed the chassis when the choose and buy the best choose of the chassis, convenient cleaning and preventing stink, the chassis of shower room is divided into short plate with high plate, considering every family can afford the price and cost, short of choose and buy the DVD, because of high dish when decorating, the height of the sink deeper. Chassis quality is the best choice of diamond, diamond easy cleaning besmirch, fastness, shape fashion, with long time. Knock up sounds material is mostly adopts toughened glass shower room, and some made of ordinary glass shower room is affected by the outside world easy to burst, so, don't in order to reduce cost, covet is cheap, go to buy some glass material is bad. Glass of choose and buy when, therefore, can be used to knock method to discern the stand or fall of glass, glass with knuckles knocking on glass, sound more ringing is toughened glass, more depressing is common glass, toughened glass material is very good, if we can add an extra layer of toughened glass protective film will be more security, at the same time also can look at the glass surface, the real with vague pattern is toughened glass surface. Hardware accessories the skeleton of shower room had better choose of aluminium alloy, the thickness of the above 5 mm, prevent deformation, surface can do pensu processing, stainless not rot. Pulley best choose and buy 304 stainless steel pulley, second can also choose to copper material, the stand or fall of pulley is very easy to identify, select out more smoothly.
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