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Whole sanitary ware parts how to choose and buy

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-08

In integral sanitary ware also contains essential domestic toilet 3 big, wash basin, toilet and bathtub. This 3 big in whole sanitary ware when the use frequency is highest, but also is easy to appear problem. So when the choose and buy the whole sanitary ware, 3 big must careful choice. The following will introduce how to choose and buy 3 big wholesanitary ware. First of all, of course, is to choose the basin that wash a face, face basin in the middle of the whole sanitary ware the use frequency is highest, so be sure to choose a quality qualified products. Columns that generally speaking, the basin that wash a face best is deep, the advantage is that can make more impending space, this space can be used, such as hanging small objects, also can hang a few ornaments, make whole bathroom looks more beautiful. Besides you mainly talk about a little higher, but also pay attention to the basin that wash a face of concrete quality and the fit and the whole sanitary ware. 

 Quality, can watch, also can tap or touch. Observe mainly concentrated in the appearance, see its appearance is defective, whether have off paint, crack, glaze off wait for a phenomenon. Tap on a mostly listen to sounds, because the interior of the basin that wash a face is empty, if there is a slight damage, its internal the sound when knock is not ringing. Touch is basically is to see whether the surface of the basin that wash a face is flat and level. Toilet is a whole sanitary ware of choose and buy when should focus on one aspect.

 Whole toilet although said when decorate toilet occupy the dominant position, but the volume is too big, if toilet area is relatively small, originally also security integral sanitary ware, so sit implement can consider to adopt fission sit lavatory, the implement volume is not very big, occupied area is small, and highly appropriate lower, and the whole sanitary ware tie-in effect is better. Finally is to choose bath crock, round or oval is common bath crock modelling, control the length can be 1. 5 meters, if toilet area is relatively large, the length can be appropriately increased. The bottom of the bathtub area need not be too big, too can also affect the mutual collocation and whole sanitary ware. About the whole sanitary ware the choose and buy of 3 big is introduced here.

 In fact, a lot of friends in this respect is the first time to buy, so there is no very rich experience. Advice when the choose and buy can measure good measure, and then guide to the consultation, let the experienced people to provide reasonable Suggestions. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware official website
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