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Whole sanitary ware: your happiness by me from now on to guard!

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-23

Chariots and horses before slowly, letters, life only enough to love a person, this scale is growing, the world is near, half bright half a heart. We always regrets now men and women love too hasty love too much, love too little tolerance directly, much less understanding complain, much anger away the last in the 80 s and unconstrained style of love, love from the spiritual food into substance food the food in the final analysis is a & other; Throughout the home &; Home is a relaxing place, let a person feel better, pick up. Tired, tired, hurt, hurt & hellip; … You can find the release space in the home. At home, you can listen to some soothing music, meditation meditation; Also can drink a cup of fragrant green tea, and family to share your distress. 

 A home of happiness except by members of the household sanitary ware products is also increasing happiness index is an important factor in how to let household happiness Dally ceng to rise? Follow me1 wash area & ndash; — The mirror of the bathroom ark spacious bathroom ark, clear, large basin, there should be stored dry matter locker for bathroom not mixed and disorderly, make items have their own position 2 bath area & ndash; — The existence of shower room and shower room can do wet bathroom space to create a relatively independent space that wash bath can also save a lot of space in the shower, the shower door gently shut can avoid water splashing wet outside the toilet 3 shower flower is aspersed to shower a mixture of warm water from the shower spray directly to the person's body to keep constant temperature can greatly improve the safety and comfort of the shower with shower head constant mix faucet can achieve this goal is also the professional support of shower room 4 physiological solution & ndash; — The emergence of the toilet implement is a great invention in the history of the development of implement the advent of household life more convenient in addition to the appearance of the toilet is more important to see quality of toilet, and glaze is bright and clean with no eye of a needle, lack of glaze phenomenon may, when necessary, with the hand petting five supporting hardware & ndash; — Constant temperature faucet so-called thermostatic faucet is the cold water and hot water will be automatically mix into a predetermined set of warm water first to shorten the water heater and the distance between the leader in the use of free choice of cold and hot from then on, your happiness I 【 Appollo high-end integrated bathroom 】 To guard would like to know more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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