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Wholesale and what to do, choose wei yu to pay attention to what issues?

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-17
Sanitary ware wholesale and how to do? Choose bath should pay attention to what issues? Appollo sanitary ware factory today to teach you how to correctly select the product that defend bath, let you rest assured to shop, bathroom, bathroom at ease of purchase products. The following the way of the basic knowledge that defend bath.

a sanitary ware manufacturer, Appollo implement

sit implement, belongs to a kind of sanitary ware in the field of building water supply and drainage materials. When used in the human body get seated toilets for characteristics, according to the washing way is divided into type, siphon type. Can solve implement siltation post-processing time consuming, costly, health problems, inspired is put in for inside toilet, toilet paper basket, can solve the problem of bathroom clutter, have peculiar smell, untidy. Choose to join wei yu, choose Appollo sanitary ware.

split type toilet: cheap, damaged replaceable but your installation problems, water tank is easy to damage.

even sit implement, easy to install, easy to clean, occupied area is small but the price is high.

after drainage type toilet: behind then body connected to the wall outlet of the toilet on the outlet of reserved.

the drainage type toilet: in the outlet of body below, connected to the ground on the outlet of the reserved sit implement.

strong fall type toilet: in along the cloth has a flush nozzle in the body, mainly by flushing water contamination line net.

siphon toilet: inside is evenly distributed along a ring nozzle and flush with the main use of negative pressure will waste water net.

eject siphon toilet: on the basis of the siphon and the body has a separate flush nozzle enhances the drainage effect, and mute effect is good.

the sanitary ware that Appollo water-saving toilet, water saving and emissions reduction advocacy of green environmental protection, new technology using vortex and siphon two roles, with two holes at the same time water rushed to produce strong double helix flow, to achieve clean sewage process, not only can achieve better against the stench, antifouling effect, can reduce the noise, at the same time of water saving, bring you comfort and the use of the experience!

2, Appollo bathroom faucet

is the tap water valve of the popular term, used to control the size of the water flow switch, have the effect of water saving. The upgrading of faucet is very fast, from development to the old iron electroplating knob, and development to the single temperature control stainless steel faucet, stainless steel double WenShuang taps, semi-automatic tap in the kitchen.

stainless steel faucet: stainless steel faucet contains no lead, and acid proof, alkali proof, corrosion, release harmful substances, not tap water pollution. Don't need plating, stainless steel faucet surface only need polishing can be stainless steel color.

all copper faucet: pure copper faucet adopt refined copper, chromium plating surface treatment, high gloss, have higher anti-wear anti-corrosion performance. Mainly contains its own the merits of the technology to distinguish between quality and quantity of the copper.

plastic faucet: colorful, mould plastic faucet mass production, and relative to other materials, the use of security is higher, with the ABS plastic production and processing. But not strong, life is short.

alloy tap: the price of alloy tap compared with full copper faucet, the price is much lower, and the tap is much easier to mass production. The extensive use of which is zinc alloy, zinc alloy bibcock is harmful to human body, and is not very durable.

ceramic faucet: ceramic faucet has no rust, no oxidation, the advantage of not easy to wear. Ceramic faucet appearance beautiful and easy, because the shell is ceramic products.
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