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Why do little knowledge toilet have two buttons?

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-15
You are using the toilet every day, but toilet two buttons above, as we all know what that means? Believe that many people don't know the difference between the two buttons above, time and water according to casually, don't clean it again according to the charge, but, in fact, the above two buttons are different.


the meaning of the size of the button

the toilet water tank, there are two buttons, what do you think this is to set a good two buttons, actually this is designed to help you save water.

the two buttons, one large and one small, respectively, represents the full and half water drainage water function. Small button is half water status, press it only half the water in the tank discharge or a third.

the big button is filled with water. Press it, to a one-time store tank water all sent out. Hydraulic bigger, flushing will be more clean.

a, commonly used by the method of

two buttons have their own different functions of different size, according to the different conditions using different methods of button, not only efficient, and more save water.

small button because the impact of small, gently hold the small button, suitable for washing a small amount of urine; Long press the small button, you can ChongShuaLiang more urine.

for big button, gently press the big button, suitable for a small amount of stool; Conversely need long press.

and according to the size of the two key at the same time, not only water is the largest, and scouring force is strongest. If shit viscous blunt not clean, you can choose this kind of way.

* note: press the button, you need to ensure that button springback oh ~

if the toilet flush button, after we loosen your hands, but the button did not rebound, so will be in the condition of always flush toilet, thus wasted a lot of water, so people after the flush, it is important to ensure that the toilet flush button has rebounded to its original state, so as not to waste water in vain.


how to improve the toilet water

many families toilet after long time, then there will be a hard water, insufficient flushing toilet. Do you think is the toilet ageing, really only need one, you can easily solve the problem.

poor drainage there are many reasons for the toilet, a possible because of toilet roof pressure rod is too low. This can adjust themselves completely.

open the toilet water tank, in the position of the corresponding adjustment on the screw rod is ok. This is because the toilet flush principle is according to the length of compressive bar pressure tank. If the lever is too short, can produce pressure is not enough, lead to water shortage.

one, adjustment of inlet valve

the toilet water not enough and there is one reason may be that water tank and the inlet valve of water level is too low to lead to flush. It is very easy to solve this problem. Open the tank, remove inlet valve above card buckle.

remove card buckle, button then counterclockwise rotation card, to the other end of the tray down the location of the button a few more rings, so that you can increase the pressure of the water tray, thus improve the strength of strong water.

2, cleaning water pipe

blockage is the leading cause of water not possible reasons. In this case, you may need to plumbing. To solve this problem, only need a bottle of coke.

the coke poured into the toilet let stand for one night, make the inside of the cola carbonated dissolves dirt inside the pipe alkali elements, water a blunt solved the next day.

this is because coke is the main component of carbonic acid, carbonic acid can react with the dirt on the toilet, which would reduce dirt on closestool wall adsorption, dirt off very quickly.


how to save water more

one, just leave a bottle of water in water tank

many families the toilet flush, actually does not need as much water, especially when urinating. But the tank storage of water is fixed, how to adjust? The solution to this problem is also very easy, as long as a bottle of water.

to prepare a big bottle of water, open the water tank, and then put the bottle into it. Cover water cover will be done. Principle is water bottles, can take up a large part of the volume of water tank, is equivalent to per flush will save a bottle of water, so as to reduce the storage of water, achieve the goal of water saving.

2, clean the toilet cistern

there is a very practical way of saving water is clean toilet water tank. Find a clean bottle, in order to add two tablespoons of washing powder with two tablespoons of detergent, bottle filled with water, shaking a few times to fully mix.

with a bit, the lid and bottle poke a few holes, ensure that the inside of the bottle liquid can be a small amount of flow out.

then water bottles into the water tank, water bottles to take up the volume on one hand, the effect of water saving. The detergent in the water, on the other hand, can with the water out, is blunt water when cleaning, do not flush water.
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