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Why do the faucet is more expensive?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-12

Many families will choose and buy when decorate a faucet, water tap is closely related to our life. On the market price level difference not neat, and appollo high-end bathroom faucet is the grade of the more expensive, so there may be a lot of people ask me where? 

Actually, the general high-end faucet is noble, because its high-end brand image and brand culture, because a good brand can bring consumers a lot of added value, such as appollo high quality and perfect after-sales service. And another reason is the product of advanced production technology, energy conservation and environmental protection technology, and human creative fashion design, combination of these factors contributed to a high-end faucet. Material & ndash; Low lead content of material is used in the national standard brass faucets appollo using national standard brass material, the national standard and non-standard brass brass price is vary considerably, because of the national standard brass material, lead content and impurity quality is very low, can bring consumers very health, environmental protection using life. 

The valve core & ndash; Diamond level of appollo faucet valve core is made of ceramic piece of valve core, and ceramic chip valve core hardness is can achieve grade diamond, high-end brand of faucet valve core, the use of it can reach 500000 times does not drip, and the service life of 500000 times is not drip is probably in more than 10 years. Hose & ndash; Under water pressure big 304 hose appollo tap water hose adopts pure stainless steel hose, its water hose is used the full 304 a hose, pressure hose on the water because of 304, along with the purity of the water quality are guaranteed. Bubbler & ndash; Comfortable feel seven layers of the bubbler appollo faucet bubbler can bring consumers a very comfortable bath feel. 

The use of these parts and materials to ensure the quality of the products. Hutch defends the essential thing is the tap, faucet is high low-end, appollo in high-end faucet faucet price is relatively high cost performance. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo sanitary ware's official website
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