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Why do you want to choose the copper faucet

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-11

Sorching summer, everyone opened & other; Wash wash & throughout; Mode. Faucet is now one of the most frequently used items in the family, whether it's laundry, cook, or wash a face to brush one's teeth, we cannot leave it. A good faucet, not only light and convenient to use and can bring us more safe clean water, on the contrary, a bad faucet, not only difficult and time-consuming to use, can also affect our health. Sometimes, you will find the faucet with at home how long didn't actually rusty; Sometimes, you will find that the hot and cold water tap in the bathroom to adjust is not flexible, bathing is not very convenient; Sometimes, you will find that although the tightened the faucet, but still kept drips out. So on. 

 So, how can we choose a qualified faucet? In the face of good and evil people mixed up the faucet market, suggest you look for the well-known brands and formal shopping malls, online, at the same time, also don't forget to ask for and after-sale service card products inspection report, if there are any quality problems, can timely return. In addition, you can through the following four steps to simple judge of the faucet. 

 1, the surface to prevent water corrosion, manufacturers will be a layer of nickel and chromium plating on the surface, the regular plating process is very exquisite, need after many working procedure to complete. Generally speaking, the surface more smooth and more bright, the better the quality, in addition, if use finger on the surface, fingerprint soon spread out and no trace, also shows that the coating quality of a material is good. 

 2, phase modulation component if buy faucet very pure copper would weigh heavier, also rich simple sense, and inferior alloy tap into other cheap material, copper material accounted for less than, ok will be lighter. Appollo faucet with full copper, durable. 

 3, turn handle valve core is the core component of the tap is the most important, it directly decides the service life of a faucet, when the choose and buy, be sure to handle up and down to turn right or left, if there is no block, lightweight flexible, explain valve core high hardness, good wear resistance.

 4, try water faucet will be equipped with high-grade faucet, such as Appollo bubbler, such as a finger touch put out of the water, feel soft and rich foam flow noise is small, indicates bubbler quality is better. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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