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, why not choose a line? This article is too terrible!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-26
In 2019, the dealer's operating pressure compared with previous big too much, especially the first-line brand dealers, and premium brands also gradually withdraw from the mall.

wanton soaring prices, big lots assorted costs rising, enterprises are also finally hit a pressure on prices. Some first-line brand manufacturer not actively adjust the marketing plan, early still in accordance with the planned targets. Caused by forced dealers inventory full, slow sales, product freshness, vicious circle, also finally put down the determination 'cut off' first-line brand!

what hate first-line brand dealers?

in the past, the first-line brand dealers can bring huge profits, and 'face' ( Premium brands become take goods product, let some second - and third-tier brand with tie-in sales) 。 At that time, all Chinese companies, both manufacturers and merchants are dependent enterprises growth. As long as sales growth, profits will increase. Enterprise all the problems, will be concealed by sales growth.

the only agent of first-line brand dealers can also achieve a showcase the city $ten million a year in sales, but only hundreds of thousands of its profit, also does not include the cost of the depreciation of fixed assets, bank financing, etc. , to become the first-line brand stevedore. And numerous first-line brand agent distributor sales increase a lot, but from time to time loss.

first-line brand, to meet more and more sales is bigger and bigger, but the resulting funds and the cost is also more and more big, but smaller margins. Low cost, therefore, highly profitable small brand is not only the need to profit, also is the need of its operation mode transformation, gradually, brand dealers to cut down the line, to remove the title of the porters.

in addition, a lot of first-line enterprises ills is big, the hierarchy of management, who is not willing to give leadership there said leadership don't want a lot of grassroots employees everyone knows, but no one reflect the actual problem to leadership. By myself for many years the leadership of the reason is dizzy with success, regard themselves as enterprise how many cows and pushy, cannot hear into 'advice', cause company took many detours.

some companies don't work hard innovation, rely on low pressure goods short-sighted damage dealers, colleagues also destroyed himself. Sales in order to profit, to large online chain supplier's price is far lower than the entity dealers, this is the important cause leading to the manufacturers to beat.

grudges for a long time, finally to first-line brand dealers say not! To more profitable growth brand!

why dealers agent growth brand?

01, profitable need

a significant number of dealers, first-line brand, to meet more and more sales is bigger and bigger, but the resulting funds and the cost is also more and more big, but smaller margins. Low cost, therefore, highly profitable growth brand is not only the need to profit, also is the need of its operation mode change.

02, dialogue the need of the first-line brand

again big dealers in front of the line brand manufacturers are always vulnerable, as the manufacturer of 'music'. Distributor is a bit not careful, manufacturers are not satisfied, can be factory told that 'bye'. For big brand product sales and influential consideration, dealers and not give up easily. The contradiction between 'love-hate relationship' mood, make the suffering they endured, tortured.

so, dealers can through the existing advantage, choose to have development prospects with the category of small brands, consciously small brand gradually develop into alternative first-line brand brand 'reserve', as a dialogue 'one's speciality' first-line brand manufacturers. Into, against a first-line brand manufacturer 'ambition', make them from this regard sb with special respect or new views to you; Refund can be in the break up, fell out with major brand manufacturers make small brands succeed 'star brand' position, does not affect their overall sales.

3, for the needs of the factory resources

big dealers, growth brand agent, a lot of time is strong, can enjoy a voice in the cooperation with manufacturer, so easy to manufacturer more preferential policies, is advantageous to the market operation.

4, adjust product structure to

again big dealer funds have a certain limit. With capital takes up large first-line brand products, so the big dealers couldn't have done any product category to brand agent. Growth of small brand agent is neither takes too much money, and a good choice to make reasonable adjustment of product structure.

05, alleviate the pressure of the money needed

a line of branded products at hundreds and hundreds of thousands of money, even some manufacturer dealers 'forced' payment in advance and pay the deposit. Substantial capital pressure, often make the dealers have oppressive feeling of 'breath'. And the product brand growth is not too much to take up the dealer.

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