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by:Appollo bath     2020-11-13
When we judge a intelligent toilet not only need to pay attention to its function, design, etc. , its material is also very important. Especially the toilet cover, because it is direct physical contact with us, will be the use of intuitive affect our feelings. Implement plate belongs to the durable goods, the service life of the general good cover plate in 5 - Eight years, but the service life of the poor quality of the cover plate will be discounted. So, toilet cover plate type? What are those?

1, urea-formaldehyde cover

Appollo defending bath of urea-formaldehyde cover plate is a new kind of plastic material, raw material grinding into powder by high temperature and high pressure molding. With porcelain surface glossiness is wonderful, antistatic and dust proof performance; Easy cleaning, regular cleaning of flat not bring any harm; Stable and will not change color or fade color; Resistance to delimit rub hard, hot fire prevention resistance to yellowing.

2, pp plate

Appollo defending bath of pp cover plate is made of high quality plastic by hot melt forming. And deformation curvature is big, not easy to tear, surface bright, soft and can withstand 300 jins weight below.

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