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World health day: bedroom bathroom 5 action creating healthy toilet

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-12

October 10 is world health day bedroom, the holiday or not known, but it's about our each person's health. According to a survey in China, China's urban residents indoors time almost 22 hours a day, how visible indoor environment is of crucial importance. World health day bedroom, aims to arouse people to indoor attaches great importance to the health environment, decrease because indoor health cause of disease.

 On the indoor sanitation, toilet is key areas, people's bath, wash and dress, defecate is here, so the toilet environment health for people is very important. In toilet, the five environmental health is the most easy to affect people's health, is the key of the good health, they respectively are: the toilet, sink, bathroom cabinet, shower, bath crock. 

To do well the five health toilet, not only to clean regularly do, select high-quality sanitary ware products is also critical. Good bath products, convenient and clean not only, also has certain self-cleaning capacity, reduce bacteria breeding. 

According to the five health problem, appollo high-end whole sanitary ware is how to do health? 

1, the toilet how to do health? Toilet is direct contact with human skin, according to the test experiments showed that surface of the toilet there are a lot of bacteria, some existing dysentery bacillus, escherichia coli, affect human body health. So do the toilet sanitation, the need for periodic cleaning and disinfection work, second is to choose the high temperature self-cleaning glaze in the toilet. appollo easy clean huo toilet, on glaze technology, containing high temperature silver ions, and can destroy bacteria cell tissue structure, thereby the purpose of sterilization bacteriostasis. 

2, lavabo how to health? Lavabo health hazard lies in the ceramic bowl uneven, water breeding ground for bacteria. appollo lavabo using high temperature ceramic, after over 1200 degrees of high temperature firing, bibulous rate is lower than 0. 3 & , no yellowing no pollution, can clean rag wipe gently. In addition, the tap after dividing lead technology and five layer plating process, put an end to lead pollution, faucet wear-resisting corrosion resistance, no rust, more convenient clean sanitation. 

3, the bathroom ark how to health? Moisture in the toilet, moldy easily lead to the bathroom ark, not only shorten the service life of bathroom ark, also cause a lot of bacteria, affect people's health. How to make the bathroom ark to strengthen moistureproof ability, prevent mildew? appollo, from the perspective of the original plate, using imported high-quality timber, after 13 balance drying, degreasing process, after 128 cold pressing, hot pressing, and curing process, the board has excellent waterproof performance, after three times primer, two paint again, again take color, again curing seven paint technology, improve the bathroom cabinets moistureproof property, using the experience is long cover is new.

 4, flower is aspersed to prepare health? In areas with poor water quality, shower nozzle internal residual scale easily, plug nozzle not only affect the use of comfort, also easy to breed bacteria. Common shower shower nozzle material on the market hard, need to disassemble the flower is aspersed cover remove scale, clean sanitation is difficult. appollo shower shower nozzle USES is the high quality silica gel, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, with the hand a bit can pop-up residual scale inside, avoid nozzle clogging, effectively reduce bacterial growth, keep the water clean and smooth. 

5, how to do health bathtub? Many people like to use the bath bubble bath, but after each use, will remain more than a fraction of water in the pipeline, causing bacterial growth, invisible, due to the pipe tub health a lot of people are easy to ignore. Aiming at this problem, increase special conversion valve appollo massage bath crock, directly through the conversion valve massage directly into the cylinder of the pump and the water circulating system pipeline, water and stains thoroughly flush the pipe, prevent bacterial growth, keep the pipe cleaning. Is a place where every day we will go to toilet, toilet items with our physical contact and the most intimate, toilet sanitation directly related with our health.  

 In the bedroom of this world health day, appollo sanitary health attention to the bedroom, together with you for every family to build a healthy toilet environment, unlimited elegance life. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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