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You buy a water-saving closestool water-saving really? Be careful it into a 'large water fee'!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-06
Now, many families are using the toilet, because ordinary sit implement water consumption is not small, so many businessmen conveniently introduced a water-saving toilet, and more than 30% more expensive than ordinary sit implement. But you buy water-saving toilet, water-saving really?

part of the 'super water-saving products of a misfit'

it is well known that implement is a family of water conservation, reduce sit implement water is very important to save water. Therefore, the water saving toilet on market is more popular with consumers, but behind these meet the demand of the new development concept, also lurks a lot of inline issue. With consumers, according to spend 2000 yuan to buy the new super water-saving toilet water use for 2 small files. 6 litres, big file is 4. After 8 litres, install and use, found that small gear can also blunt water effect, but the big gear is rinsed clean, hardly a sex must rush it twice. As a result, the original water saving plans were disrupted, new toilet instead to use more water than before.

implement is not the water saving the better

professional committee of China building sanitary ceramics expert points out, the product that defend bath is not the more saving water, the better, water saving concept if extremes, will weaken the bathroom clean and comfortable function. Clarity and change water rate is the industry of water saving toilet new measure. In the implement of lateral scouring distance, gb regulation to 10. 5 meters, only achieve this flush distance can protect card will rush clean dirt, and some of the so-called 2 and 3 litres of water saving toilet is just the dirt out of the toilet, and no real rush out of the trap is likely to cause contamination.

the real water saving products are based on the premise that a rinse. Water saving water is one of key time is short, fast, shorter reaction time, the more water. It is important to note that some products show little water, but need to wash many times.

choose water saving toilet good books

from ordinary consumers use daily sit implement, the factors affecting the degree of water saving not only water, but also it deals with the effect of filth, we call it rushed clarity. And consider toilet blunt clarity of factors such as ceramic glaze, sewage, diameter and water, etc. , this is can measure in the process of consumer is buying.

1. Ceramic glaze

porcelain implement more rough, pore, with poor resistance caused by large, the impact is low, natural waste more water. In general, if there is a smooth implement smooth glaze thick feeling, jade, translucent texture, so is the quality of toilet. Consumers can try to implement glaze was ink, try it is easy to rinse. If the glaze quality closes nevertheless, saving water is impossible.

2. Drainage diameter

want to use a small amount of water to wash away dirt a sex, the toilet needs to have larger diameter. Implement when the choose and buy, can put the whole hand in outlet, in general can have a palm capacity is preferred. At the same time, pay attention to the drain pipe inner surface is smooth glaze.

3. A water quality

are key parts, sit implement water directly decided to implement the service life and strong water effect, if flushing effect is not good, also won't water-saving effect. Consumer is when the choose and buy of water-saving toilet, can press a button to hear the sound of the flush button, if can clear sound, represents a toilet water quality is better. Also want to consider the discharge valve of tank size, because the water effect of water-saving toilet and wash ability may also be affected, general valves reach more than 7 cm in diameter is preferred.

sit implement water effect logo can help consumers choose and buy of water-saving toilet

on August 1, 2018, sit implement water marking rules for the implementation, the implementation of the water effect logo to promote the industry's product structure adjustment, to water quality, and the efficiency for the breakthrough to realize the whole industry development. For defending bath of Appollo 'advocate environmental protection water saving has been one of Appollo sanitary ware brand mission, therefore, is focused on the bath water saving technology, completes the water-saving product that defend bath more responsibility, more and more types of toilet has been through the toilet water effect for the record.

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