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You don't know the article 10 bathroom decorate a little common sense!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-07
Between wei yu is one of the focuses of the family is decorated, because of its daily use frequency is higher, and also need to have good waterproof between sanitary ware, when be being decorated so is more exquisite. But many people decorate between wei yu for the first time will be confused about, don't know how to decorate to more convenient and comfortable, Appollo sanitary ware will talk to you today 10 bathroom decorate a little common sense, to learn together.

1, because often use water between sanitary ware is so damp, when decorate between wei yu if you can design a window can make better ventilation sex between wei yu, will also get better lighting.

2, because the water vapor between wei yu is heavier, so in the design of circuit to set up on high, and at the same time also need to add waterproof protection shell prevent to get an electric shock to the socket.

3, when choosing the ceramic tile between bath to choose white ceramic tile, not only can make the space greatens look, also can have very good adornment effect, very joker.

4, between wei yu the space layout design is also very exquisite, want to let a space appear larger is compact design, choice ark of bathroom of hanging wall do not take up floor space is also a very good design.

5, when selecting a product that defend bath if relatively small family will try to choose a smaller bathroom products, compact and does not affect the use, also can let more space between wei yu.

6, the dry wet depart between bath is to be done, but for a small family can choose glass partition between wei yu, save a space not only is pervious to light.

7, metope space also to use it well, can design the toilet points on the hanging wall ark to place some health supplies, added to receive a function is very practical.

8, the toilet glass behind can be set to between wei yu is the design of the cabinet, can be placed behind the toiletries, added to receive a space.

9, can use the lines on the ceramic tile between bath design to make the length and width, can stick ceramic tile sideways to widen the visual effect of between wei yu, make between sanitary ware will look bigger.

10, to save space on the ground, high space can use up, peg on high design or shelf is right choice, designed to all kinds of storage space to make life more convenient.
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