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You have a National Day combination suit high-end integrated bathroom toilet has good collocation

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-18

As the saying goes: & other; The toilet (see a kitchen material civilization, spiritual civilization Toilet) ” 。 Toilet decorate can't too casual, in addition to the pursuit of high quality, high configuration, also need to pay attention to the overall sense of fashion. During the National Day, Mid-Autumn festival high-end sanitary ware according to different door model the whole, appollo launch multiple combination suit, the most consumers like toilet for the owners one-stop high-end integrated bathroom solutions. Special surprise is that the appollo high-end whole sanitary ware the Mid-Autumn National Day promotions, by manufacturer to the store and cats, jingdong flagship line synchronous benefit directly, the price is more favorable than usual, take a look at whether there is your favorite! The hardest is afraid is small family toilet decorate, narrow space to be neat and orderly, sanitary ware design determines the space utilization. First set in the 600 mm of bathroom ark, just small family model, right replace sideboard with lens ark, receive no function abate, plus a large space of ark of the Lord, annoying to receive questions, appollo 11 to solve for you. Bathroom ark multi-layer solid wood plate, be applicable to the north and south climate differences, overcome real wood the most headache problem of crack deformation; After more than 1200 degrees high temperature firing of the toilet, antimicrobial properties and clean greatly strengthened, safety and health for the user more security; 

All copper foam bibcock with filter device, water more healthy, more water smooth; Shower shower spray top design, bring more dripping fun shower experience, anti-scald design hand-held flower is aspersed, children experience is better. If the first combination suit is suitable for the general public, then the second set of more biased toward personalization. First is in terms of color, the black and white collocation, classic long stand out from the toilet of the conventional white tonal, such as moving notes, animating the whole toilet rhythm and vitality. 

The straight line of bathroom ark, with square shower shower, formed a more atmospheric fang visual sensory experience. 800 mm is the most suitable size of bathroom ark, carrying with 18 years history of high-end hardware; More than 1200 degrees high temperature firing, toilet water of assembly of the world's top three brand; All copper faucet and shower bibcock, equipped with imported high quality ceramics. Such high-end configuration, more superior quality. The third combination suit toilet, embodies the nature of the most popular, the original wood color bathroom ark, noble marble mesa, elements of nature are learned. Bathroom cabinet drawer is double deck design, built-in removable makeup carrying case, all show the modern noble life; Large top spray shower design, increase the air injection technology, realizing the aerobic shower;

 Modified siphon toilet flushing and sewage more thoroughly, less noise; Seat cover of the circle of all-inclusive design, more conducive to health. For aesthetic demanding, and the pursuit of perfection details for you, so the details of the design is more worth having. The above three toilet combination suit, is there anything you like? During the National Day, Mid-Autumn festival appollo 11 big brand, high-end integral sanitary ware that manufacturer for price, save worry save trouble more to save money. In addition, the appollo launch high-end integrated bathroom can also be customized service, details could consulting the local store shoppers. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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