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by:Appollo bath     2020-08-17

Life is getting better and better, our bathroom equipment also some earth-shaking changes have taken place, these changes in bring convenience to our life and enjoy at the same time also brought us a lot of potential safety problems.

 01. Carbon monoxide poisoning the gas water heater is installed in the bathroom, and bathroom ventilation and smooth, not easy to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Combustion of carbon monoxide poisoning is a carbon or carbon is not completely released when a chemical toxic, asphyxiation, and hypoxia can cause poisoning, serious can damage the nervous system and even life-threatening, wider in the bath are often don't even know what they have until poisoning syncope. 

 02 too slippery bathroom floor tile floor must choose to prevent slippery ceramic tile kind, don't choose the sort of ordinary ceramic tile to look pretty. At the door of the toilet must put a mat, one is to avoid came out from the toilet, after the soles of the water to get outside, the other is in addition to other parts of toilet and kitchen are generally not prevent slippery ceramic tile, after sole words came out from the bathroom damp easily slip and fall. 0

3 toilet seat waste gas must be closed while taking a bath, shower temperature rise may lead to be absorbed into the body of evaporation of stolen goods inside the toilet, although the body will not respond immediately, but the physique weaker children, older people, long-term under the hard to avoid can cause disease. 

 04 vasodilation, anoxic bath when the water temperature is too high, or bath, drink immediately after a meal, can make whole body skin vasodilation, cardio-cerebral blood flow decreases, for physique weak people, easy to cause hypoxia phenomena. 

 05. Shower room glass safety in order to keep the bathroom dry wet depart, had better choose to install shower room. But if the toughened glass of shower room quality not beautiful or use undeserved, may cause the glass from the explosion. Like Appollo, sanitary ware industry leading brand, through the domestic 3 c quality certification of the high strength of toughened glass, the edges are cut processing, port imported raw materials production, flexible, anti-aging, suitable for long-term use, high safety coefficient. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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