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APPOLLO's 2020 Annual Spring Meeting is complete!

APPOLLO's 2020 Annual Spring Meeting is complete!


The APPOLLO Sanitary Ware Factory's 2020 Annual Spring Fling was held as scheduled on January 12, 2020.

Let's rub our expectant hands together to review this fun annual Spring Fling!

The annual meeting site is full of atmosphere, all the employees come to the annual meeting with a good mood ~.

The party will be held at the company's own showroom.

Craftsmanship heritage, wisdom for the future!

▲Colleagues are coming in to sign in.

Leadership Speech

▲Chairman Chen gave a generous speech.

Awards Ceremony

Then it was time for the recognition of our outstanding employees for 2019, and to thank and recognize their contributions to our company over the past year, our company selected 12 outstanding employees for 2019.

First, the Outstanding Employee First Prize!

Chairman Mr. Chen Zhixiong awarded the first prize for excellent employees.

Outstanding employees give their acceptance speeches and let everyone learn how to be as good as you are.

Speech by the representative of the first prize winner of the outstanding staff

Followed by the second prize for outstanding employee

Speech by the representative of the winner of the second prize for outstanding employees

Speech by the second prize winner for outstanding employee

Next up is the third prize for outstanding employee.

Mr. Wei and Mr. Lin were presenting awards to the winners of the third prize for excellent employees.

And finally, the Outstanding Newcomer Award.

Mr. Zhao and Mr. Zeng present the award to the excellent new winners.

The exciting award ceremony is over, I hope APPOLLO's staff will keep up the good work and achieve better results in their work!

Annual Meeting Program


Get ready and keep your eyes open, our exciting show is about to begin!

The three girls gave a hot dance performance of "Good Time".

There're a beautiful singer and a hot dancer.

Aftermarket brings song performance, soulful duet of "Bridge Girl"~

It's the first time I've found a company with so many strong singers.

A fun skit by the Operations Department called "The Villain Dance", power hilarious!

Have you ever seen such a cute little man dance? It's the first time I've ever seen one.

The chorus of "38. 6°" by the domestic sales department, engineering department and foreign trade department; the grounded musical "Spring Festival Self-Help Guide" by the marketing department; and the song "Good Luck" by the finance department, wishing you all good luck in the new year.

"38. 6°"

"Spring Festival Self-Help Guide"

"Good Luck"

The pretty boys and girls of APPOLLO present a runway show of Brand Show! 

I speak for my brand.

Raffle Session

The annual show is only ancillary, and the most important thing is definitely the raffle!

Mr. Chen Zhixiong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, drew the first prize.

Ms. Hu Xiaoping, Vice Chairman of the Board, drew the second prize.

Second Prize Winners

Mr. Lin and Mr. Wei drew for the third prize.

Third prize winners

These are the lucky winners, get a little bit of joy, and I hope you can all stay with your luck in the coming days.

At the end of the day, there's the grand finale! Mr. Chen sang a song called "I Can't Forget You”.

A big photo of the APPOLLO family.

The annual meeting was a success! I wish APPOLLO the best of luck in the future and keep on achieving outstanding results and reaching new heights!




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