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About Appollo Rights Action

About Appollo Rights Action


After market research, we found that Foshan Nanhai Lidobang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is infringing on the APPOLLO  brand. We got the relevant evidence and took legal action, meanwhile, we have submitted our legal letter to Foshan Nanhai Lidobang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. at the Shanghai Exhibition this afternoon, and will soon take legal action to protect APPOLLO brand and our rights and interests, and to protect the interests of distributors and consumers.


Photographs of APPOLLO personnel submitting legal letters


It is reported that there are still people in the market using various ways to infringe on the APPOLLO brand in different channels, including "trademark right" and "patent right", we have set up a special department and will adopt a series of "counterfeit rights protection" actions.

At the same time, please send a signal to the society and relevant manufacturers to demand them to stop the infringement immediately. Otherwise, they will be subject to a series of serious legal and economic claims.


Regarding APPOLLO's advocacy program

   The APPOLLO brand is the result of twenty-five years of hard work, and maintaining our brand is an important step in the development of APPOLLO bathroom. From now on, we will also adopt a series of rights protection activities.

 In the past, we have carried out a number of rights protection actions and successfully cracked down on a number of illegal enterprises. However, due to a weak legal mindset, some have resorted to unfair means to defame others, harm the interests of consumers and discredit enterprises. Such illegal activities must be punished by law.

 We urgently hope that the media and journalists will educate the society through this case, give us support, uphold righteousness and work together to maintain the economic order of the society.


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