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APPOLLO Serious Anti-counterfeiting Campaign

APPOLLO Serious Anti-counterfeiting Campaign


  There are also counterfeited and sold for toilets, showers and bathroom cabinets? Recently, consumer in Shanxi united with APPOLLO and County Market Supervision Bureau to detect a case of selling counterfeit APPOLLO sanitary ware and seized counterfeit APPOLLO sanitary ware such as smart toilets, bath cabinets, showers and other sanitary ware.

Highlights of Counterfeit Operations:

  The company has always attached great importance to the counterfeiting activities, together with the industrial and commercial, judicial departments to combat and sanction some of the illegal activities of counterfeit APPOLLO trademarks, counterfeit APPOLLO products, and resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and dealers, heavy punches, no mercy!

  On July 16, 2020, we received feedback from the consumer that he had ordered APPOLLO series products in a store on April 25, 2020 due to the new home renovation, and during the installation and acceptance, he found that the shower room did not have the APPOLLO logo, and there was no corresponding trademark on the packaging of the toilet, shower room and bathroom, etc. More details made him suspect that he might have bought fake products. After contacting APPOLLO  through the official website and the official service telephone staff for help, the company's service personnel found that the intelligent toilet, bath cabinet, shower and other products were all fakes according to the product pictures and packaging survey provided by consumers.

The sanitary products of APPOLLO are world-renowned big brands and have a high reputation at home and abroad. Consumers were very disturbed after discovering the counterfeit products and immediately contacted the company's counterfeit action team to start a series of physical evidence, documents, invoices, receipts and other work, in line with the work of the counterfeit action team of APPOLLO, hoping that APPOLLO will work with the industrial and commercial sector, public security departments and relevant government departments to severely combat and sanction counterfeit sales, counterfeit personnel and companies, to maintain the legitimate rights of consumers and the legitimate rights and interests of the company's brand. "

  After evidence collection and preparation, APPOLLO counterfeiting action team immediately took action to the scene of physical, field survey collection!


 Consumer letters to the Industry and Commerce Bureau

Corporate Anti-Counterfeiting Action Team and Business Enforcement Audit Site

The company's anti-counterfeiting action team and the industrial and commercial law enforcement department collected and sealed the counterfeit APPOLLO trademark products at the store.


Corporate Anti-Counterfeiting Action Team and Business Enforcement Site

  Evidence Collection for Counterfeit APPOLLO Brand Bathroom Cabinets


  After a series of investigations and on-site forensics with the AIC staff, it was found that 2 sets of bathroom cabinets, 2 sets of showerheads, 2 sets of faucets and 1 intelligent toilet were counterfeit products.

  After the above physical confirmation, the counterfeiting action team of APPOLLO took quick action with the local industrial and commercial law enforcement bureau and consumers, etc. to take the following actions to the store and site:

1. The counterfeit product in the consumer's home was immediately returned by the counterfeit vendor for a $15,000 refund and a settlement of the consumer's counterfeit goods and damages.

2. One set of counterfeit bathroom cabinets and four sets of showerheads were found on the site of the shop, and the AIC has sealed off the warehouse and the shop.

3. After the administrative penalties sealed the company has begun legal action to pursue responsibility for the loss, the legal department will be severe against the sale of counterfeit and counterfeiting offenders

Because of the evidence, the counterfeiting action has been very effective, in the administrative punishment and legal sanctions have been effective play, every action is more inseparable from the consumer, industry and commerce departments, legal department's strong support and company counterfeiting group dauntless, dare to knight work style!


  Some unscrupulous businesses in the sanitary market to seek profits, the use of false titles, stolen trademarks, false authenticity, disregard for the law, confuse the grade of substandard and other forms, these illegal means both to plague consumers and virtually affect the healthy development of the sanitary industry, this phenomenon requires the whole population to jointly monitor and resist.

  If you have any questions, please call the after-sales hotline (400-0135-136-3) for consultation. APPOLLO will do its best to assist in safeguarding the legal rights of consumers.

  At the same time, the company will continue to carry out anti-counterfeiting rights activities, and crack down on the sale of counterfeiting, counterfeiting violations, take administrative penalties, legal action, law enforcement will be strict, illegal will be prosecuted, will not be tolerated! Resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and purify and maintain a healthy order in the bathroom industry.

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