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APPOLLO 2020 Fall National Strategic Partner Conference

APPOLLO 2020 Fall National Strategic Partner Conference


On July 11, 2020, "Apollo 25th Anniversary Celebration and 2020 Summer National Strategic Partner Conference" was successfully held at Appollo headquarters! The celebration gathered Appollo's dealers and partners from all over the country, together with Chairman Zhixiong Chen, R&D Director Jiaole Zeng, Deputy General Manager Yongzhuang Wei, Domestic Sales Director Haijun Liu, Marketing Planning Director Yihao Zhuang and other senior executives.Witness APPOLLO Apollo's radical transformation and relaunch.


2020 is a year of both opportunities and challenges, with APPOLLO having a hugely successful summer conference.Many partners were not able to attend the event due to the epidemic and many other reasons, so APPOLLO will once again prepare for the 25th Anniversary Celebration and 2020 Fall National Strategic Partner Meeting on September 6.

The scale of the conference is more ambitious, more new products to display, will also showcase a new online diversion, through a new marketing model to address the store traffic barriers, connecting brands, stores, consumers.We've already received more interested attendees than the summer conference, so let's look forward to it.


Appollo's current and related brands will cover more than 1,000 categories of products to fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.In Apollo's 2500㎡ smart sanitary, smart office and smart health experience exhibition center, there are more than 200 product applications based on 5G technology development.

In the meantime, a number of new products were on display at the conference! Including: 18 types extravagant wind custom bathroom furniture series, 10 types shower room series, a variety of ordinary toilet and intelligent toilet, including the market supporting the most complete, most comprehensive function of the intelligent bathroom: intelligent overall steam room, intelligent toilet, intelligent massage bathtub, intelligent light house, intelligent voice bath, intelligent voice with screen gateway, intelligent ultra-plane switch, 3-in-1 thermostat, intelligent disinfection toothbrush holder We have a full range of real intelligent sanitary products, such as intelligent voice disinfection towel rack, intelligent bathroom cabinet, intelligent UV germicidal lamp, intelligent curtain, intelligent voice ceiling light and so on.


▲Intelligent Bathroom Cabinet AF-1826



▲Smart Bathtub AT-9075T

▲Smart Voice Disinfection Towel Rack C-6B801


▲Intelligent germicidal lamps C-60901




▲Smart Bathroom Heater




▲ Smart Optical House V-0117





Intelligent Toilet ZN-080


▲ Intelligent Voice Ceiling Light



▲Intelligent voice with screen gateway + intelligent ultra-plane switch + 3-in-1 thermostat (fresh air + floor heating + air conditioning)


For more, stay tuned to APPOLLO !

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