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How To Install Shower Room Properly

How To Install Shower Room Properly


Installation Of Bathroom Shower Room 

Install the bottom basin: combined with good foundation parts, adjust the bottom of the bottom, ensure that there is no water in the basin, the bottom of the basin. The hose can be stretched away from the distance to secure the basin to the ground drain connection.

Quiz, Protection: After installing the test water test, it is necessary to ensure that the water is unimpeded. Fourth, find a bit, punch: use a pencil, horizontal ruler to determine the drilling bore of the wall aluminum, and drill well with impact.

Install aluminum: Type collar grain at the drill, locked the aluminum strip in the wall with screws.

 Fixed glass: Strap the glass clamp on the bottom basin, and then secure it with the screw.

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 Install the top tube: Find the corresponding position to the fixed glass, load (direct port / oblique) retention, and pick up the top tube. Fix it to the top of the glass with the elbow.

Mounting rack: Specification position mounting rack, tighten the laminate nut, fixed layer glass, maintain vertical and horizontal. Be careful to do waterproof under aluminum of fixed glass.

Installing the active door: Install the hardware of the active door, put the hedles in the fixed door reservation. After installing, adjust the shaft position of the lotus leaf, and it is best to close the door.

Waterproof: Install the suction strip or water springs as required on the side of the glass. Use silica gel to seam at the wall with the wall, glass in the bottom.

Commissioning, fastening: Check if the parts are comfortable and smooth, and the problem should be adjusted in time. After adjusting, tighten the corresponding screws, so that the entire shower room is more secure.

The end of the finishing: the decorative aluminum strip is tested into the wall aluminum, ensuring that its appearance is clean and generous. Finally, the entire shower room will be wiped clean.

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