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"Bath" to see happiness, customize a better life - Apollo Simple Nordic Style Bathroom Suite

"Bath" to see happiness, customize a better life - Apollo Simple Nordic Style Bathroom Suite


The bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in the home, and its decoration layout should not be underestimated, especially in addition to meeting the basic needs of life. The bathroom design, practicality, light, details, and comfort are also particularly important, and a reasonable layout is more spatial the way to victory.

The minimalist Nordic style bathroom suites, matched with wood and matte black stone panels, look very textured. The suite bathroom cabinet has the functions, such as touch control, lighting and defogging, human storage, especially the design of the 3D three-dimensional grooved drawer storage of the suspended cabinet, which makes the items organized in an orderly, intimate and convenient way.

New refined bauxite bathtubthe material is more wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, the integrated design is more fashionable and beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly, no radiation, no formaldehyde, skin-friendly and soft, you can enjoy a five-star bath at home.

Intelligent toilet with the functions such as hip wash, bidet wash, foot feel, etc., it can help you free your hands and avoid the reproduction of bacteria in your hands. The Apollos intelligent toilet will allow you to enjoy the wonderful life experience brought by smart home. 

Intelligent infrared sauna360° all-round soothing massage and far-infrared radiation help the body speed up metabolism and blood circulation, and help families create a healthy and high-quality bathroom life.

Steam cabin and shower enclosureintegrated dry and wet separation design, the shower room has the functions of answering, massage, sterilization, listening to the radio, etc., remove all fatigue after get off work and relax.

Create your own exquisite life

Let’s start with the Apollo “full sanitary ware custom” suite

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