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“Line and fashion blend”Fashion · inky white | modern and simple new trend space

“Line and fashion blend”Fashion · inky white | modern and simple new trend space


Use the language of design

Touch the deepest desire in your heart

Create with an eclectic style

Reject the sameness

Never divorced from art and beauty

Form a modern and simple "Inky white" new trend space

"Subversion" starts with "attitude"

Product design is avant-garde, eclectic, personality

Lines are simple and generous with soul

Convey a simple fashion trend attitude

Intelligent bathroom furniture

Simple and fashion inky white collocation, solid wood and red oak material with rock slab countertops make the whole bathroom space brighter and warmer. The high-definition smart wall-mounted touch screen LED mirror is clear and natural, and the strength interprets the minimalism and purity of the modern bathroom space.

Refined bauxite bathtub

The material is more wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, the integrated design is more fashionable and beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly, no radiation, no formaldehyde, skin-friendly and soft, you can enjoy a five-star bath at home.

Shower enclosure

Dry and wet separation, clean and waterproof, from handle frame to seal rubber strip, to solve the problem of moisture in the bathroom (3C certification steel glass) safe and assured.

Shower head

The matte black design is simple and textured. The brass body is lead free and environmentally healthy, the constant temperature water regulation releases the pleasure of summer shower. 

It has the functions of hip wash, bidet wash, foot feel, drying, etc., freeing hands and avoid the reproduction of bacteria in your hands, enjoying the beautiful life experience brought by smart home.

Create your own exquisite life

Let’s start with the Apollo “full sanitary ware custom” suite

Easily customize the bathroom style you want

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