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"Returning to nature in prosperity" purity | the pure beauty of the original ecology

"Returning to nature in prosperity" purity | the pure beauty of the original ecology


People in the urban life, No matter whether yearning for primitive simplicity, or Loving the smell of nature. Actually The real life is always around you.

Even if the world is complicated, No matter how tired you are. There is always a quiet corner at home, Nothing bother you. To relax and enjoy yourself with all your heart.

Quality wood and Snow White rock , shows it natural and classical.

Unique design and meticulous process. Revealed the transcendent life. Ultra Hd smart touch screen and wall-mounted LED. There is enough space for storage, Keeping all items neat and clean. A new modern style and charm emerged in the most unique way. Once you own one, you will feel its charm.

Bathing is probably the most relaxing moment after a busy life. Like A heavy burden has been lifted, You will feel relaxed in the shower, Enjoying the warm water around your body. 

Classic gray, tempered glass With 3C certified. Dry and wet separation as well waterproof. For you , Create a quiet space and enjoy the pleasant and comfort showering.

The design is simple and textured with matte black.  A brass body, Lead free environmental health, Constant temperature water outlet regulation, Care for every inch of skin.

It is chill in winter, Especially It's just the moment you sit down on the toilet.  Apollo toilet is intelligent and heat soon. it is hands-free to heat, also keeping constant temperature, so it is happy for lazy people.  A very smart toilet that is, Feel the warm in all directions.

Create your own exquisite life Start with the APPOLLO "Full-bath custom" suite Easily customize the bathroom style you want.

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