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The new national standard for smart toilets is out, effective October 1, 2019!

The new national standard for smart toilets is out, effective October 1, 2019!



It is understood that the release of the new national standard since 11, 2016 to start the revision work, and in March 2019 was adopted by the State Market Supervision and Administration, a total of 27 units participated in the drafting of the new national standard, most of which are the best in the field of smart toilets at home and abroad, effectively ensuring the authority of the new national standard. 

It is reported, GB/T 23131-2019 "household and similar use electric toilet seat" in the standard name, technical specifications, terminology, definitions and other aspects have been revised.

Today, I'm going to show you the main points of the new national standard!



 1.Revision of names, terms, definitions


The term "electronic bidet" in the current standard has been changed to "electric bidet seat" because the electronic module control aspect of the electronic product needs to be addressed, thus emphasizing the electric drive to more accurately define the product.

The "electronic toilet", "toilet seat", "intelligent toilet" and other names do not fully reflect the essence of the product, easy for consumers to a certain degree of misleading.

In addition, the new national standard also approved a number of terms and definitions, so that it is more in line with the actual function, such as "warm air" changed to "blowing"; and blowing noise, electricity consumption, water consumption and other indicators to take a graded way to distinguish, and the cleaning rate, seat heating and other indicators and test methods to standardize the quality of the product.



2.Performance specifications

In the performance index labeling content and labeling methods, electricity, antibacterial, anti-mildew, structure, materials and other aspects are designed, the user is most concerned about the cleaning performance, blowing performance, seat heating performance and other major performance and technical indicators are involved.


According to the development trend of the industry, antibacterial, anti-fungal, sterilization, to odor and other items are added to the national standard, like the label has an antibacterial function of the appliance, material antibacterial rate of not less than 90%.


The new national standard also clarifies the definition of intelligent, electric toilet in the control mode is distinguished as ordinary and with the perception ability, learning ability and memory ability of intelligent, only at the same time to meet the above several requirements of the toilet can be called intelligent toilet, to avoid the market smart toilet abuse problem.



3.Smart Toilet GB Review


GB/T 23131-2008 "Electronic Toilet" recommended national standard.

GB 4706.53-2008 "Special requirements for safety toilets for household and similar appliances" mandatory national standard.

GB/T 34549-2017 "Sanitary Ware Intelligent Toilet" recommended national standards.


Among these standards, "electronic toilet" as a basic standard will have a direct impact on the development process and product quality level of the industry as a whole, and even affect the development direction of the industry as a whole. Therefore, the introduction of the national standard is also the most fundamental guarantee to improve product quality.



4.Will smart toilets reach the new zeitgeist?

Smart toilets, which were still relatively niche at the time, have quickly entered the public consciousness since a 2015 "Buy a toilet seat in Japan" article exploded into the limelight.

At present, China's smart toilet industry has entered a period of rapid development, according to data from the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, China's smart toilet seat market reached 8.33 billion yuan in 2017, and its size is expected to reach 15.5 billion yuan by 2020.

With the advancement of consumer upgrade, not only is the toilet, but also can "enjoy" the smart toilet is increasingly loved by consumers, consumer demand for smart toilet products is also increasing.


 On the other hand, developments in real estate, home improvement industry, and smart homes are also providing tremendous impetus to the smart toilet market demand.

With the improvement of cognitive level and the price affinity brought by the improvement of technology, it can be foreseen that intelligent toilet will gradually enter the ordinary people's homes, and the potential of China's future intelligent toilet market can not be ignored.


However, there is another voice pointed out that while exploring the prospects for the development of smart toilets, it is also necessary to consider the impact of "traditional" on the development of smart toilets.

In fact, the impact of toileting as a civilization can be beyond imagination.At present our country's toilet is still mainly squatting, not only influenced by the traditional concept that squatting toilet is more hygienic, but also research shows that this is related to body structure.

As Asians have more flexible hip flexors, they are better at "Asian squatting" and therefore better at using squatting toilets, while foreigners, on the other hand, are better at using sit-down toilets.



At present, public toilets are still mainly squatting toilets, while toilets are more often found in hotels, shopping malls and other places, whether it is acceptable to use toilets or smart toilets at home may become an important factor in whether smart toilets can be popular.


The new national standard adopted here will have a positive impact on the entire smart toilet industry, but whether the smart toilet can be the next new windfall, still need to be considered in many aspects.


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