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Appollo Production Base is magnificent, sails and continues to sail

Appollo Production Base is magnificent, sails and continues to sail



Just after the New Year's Day, APPOLLO production base devotes itself to producing sanitary ware products for customers with quality and quantity.


The new Appollo production base is grand and majestic.  



Appollo sanitary banner flying in the wind, to meet the new sanitary weather. 



        Appollo's new base is speeding into the right track and the staff is actively engaged in the production business.



Production is in order and capacity is steadily increasing.

The production workshop is clean and tidy, which can effectively guarantee the quality of bathtub and the health and safety of the products themselves.



Appollo production is in strict accordance with the rules and procedures, placing the steam room in a neat and orderly manner.


 Appollo Shower Department employees work overtime day and night, the rhythm of production is orderly.



     Appollo 's employees are scrambling for production with amazing efficiency.



         Appollo staffs organize the warehouse to be shipped products and hit the packing box.




        Appollo 's warehouse products are neatly arranged and waiting for delivery.



The production capacity of Appollo sanitary ware production base is excellent and the products have been shipped one after another.


        In the future, Appollo Sanitary will strictly adhere to production standards, produce high quality, healthy and safe healthcare products, provide consumers with healthcare products that can be used with confidence, and 

work with distributors to create new glories!

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