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Craftsmanship and Wisdom, Bath to See the Future| APPOLLO Intelligent Sanitary Space Conference Detonated in Shanghai

Craftsmanship and Wisdom, Bath to See the Future| APPOLLO Intelligent Sanitary Space Conference Detonated in Shanghai



On June 5, 2018, Appollo Smart Sanitary Space Release and New Product Conference was held in Shanghai Ptoli Hotel, and Appollo national dealers attended the conference.


Appollo Intelligent Sanitary Space Release and New Products Conference Site

Chairman Mr. Chen of APPOLLO made a speech for this new product launch, expressing his welcome and thanks to the dealers.He also gave a brief introduction to Appollo's new products and technologies, and elaborated on Appollo's future brand trends and development.


Mr. Zhi jun Fu, a marketing guru serving Appollo, presented systematic solutions for Appollo enterprises in the conference.

  He stressed that the new smart sanitary products launched by APPOLLO this time are higher than the industry level, with a systematic marketing model to create a smart sanitary space.

APPOLLO Chairman Mr.Chen delivered a speech for the conference

Marketing guru Mr. Fu Zhijun's comprehensive analysis of Appollo's marketing model

  Chairman Mr.Chen said in his speech: in the future, Appollo Sanitary will reposition itself and upgrade from an integrated leisure sanitary to an integrated health and intelligent sanitary.In 2018, the upgrade of Appollo is not only reflected in the products, but also in the channels, marketing and services, and is committed to let users have a more comfortable and convenient sanitary living space.

Chairman Mr.Chen meticulously explained the new Appollo products: Super Beautiful Basin Bathroom Cabinet

The 2018 pop-up order is hot off the press



       The dealers were very enthusiastic and scrambled to be the first to order. They all said that Appollo Sanitary's new smart sanitary products are scientific, avant-garde, in line with the current trend of smart life, with strong market competitiveness, and will be very popular in the market.


The Appollo Explosives ordering site was very hot.

The successful holding of APPOLLO Intelligent Sanitary Space and New Product Conference indicates that APPOLLO intelligent sanitary "new technology and new products" have great market prospect. APPOLLO will continue to plough into the smart sanitary market, insist on the avant-garde sanitary concept and outstanding technology, research and develop smart sanitary products, and join hands with distributors to create new wealth.

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