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2 ㎡ change 9 ㎡ 丨 bathroom ark small receive great wisdom

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-01

Household life always easily been beset by trivial things, clean health, goods really a headache. And the most headaches is the bathroom POTS and pans and towels and fragmented and throughout the mess. Something more is not the problem, with white earn money not to spend is a reason. 

 What you need is not to suppress their own hands, but need to receive a powerful bathroom ark, the bathroom ark split into small units, according to the function, the layout and the area of restructuring, carefully and slowly. Make full use of the space surrounding the counters are a lot of people will ignore to sink area in our daily life, actually sink area available space is very big, can put some toiletries, like toothpaste, toothbrush, cleanser, placed the article such as glass, hand sanitizer, green plant, but not excessive accumulation, let sanitary ware looks more clean and tidy. There is a way to increase the mesa received is, in the counters are placed receive a case, the contents of which used, keep the table clean. 

 And the perfume is commonly used in sanitary ware, combs, towels and other place, aromatherapy into it, you can add a sanitary appeal. Both side wash one place side ark, make full use of sink all around metope, expand receive a function clever use of the mirror behind the mirror of the space between wei yu is originally fixed position, designers give full consideration to receive an issue, turn it into space, can transform to the bathroom ark they rhyme, open the mirror hides a storage tank, enough to hold all kinds of articles for daily use, receive a function also will expand. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo wei yu's official website
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