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2020 popular hot style bathroom cabinet, bathroom appearance level depends on it!

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一般的普通家庭浴室只有几平方米的空间,不容易做到干湿分区。 Bathroom ark when the choose and buy, want to pay attention to the waterproof and moisture resistance of materials, due to more water vapor between wei yu, so the bathroom ark must be more resistant to moisture. Appollo defending bath of PVC bathroom cabinet, using the high density double knot leather technology, with strong waterproof, hardness higher advantage. At the same time adopt high quality hinges and the orbit of the lacquer that bake, multilayer environmental protection paint, a scratch-resistant, durable, easy to clean, style diversity.

2, the choice of the bathroom ark style

bathroom cabinet has two kinds of floor and wall, floor of bathroom ark is suitable for the dry wet depart, space also larger modern between wei yu, save a space and hang a wall design, easy to do, remove the hygienic dead Angle. It by setting aside plate, store content ark and ground ark multiple elements, such as reasonable space partition, thus effectively increased the bathroom furniture that receive a function, also make the wash gargle, make up, change clothes, and other functions tend to be more obvious.

3, selection of bathroom ark specification

according to the area and the design of the bathroom, choose different specifications of the bathroom ark, the traditional bathroom space is lesser, can choose with the single bathroom ark combination of mirror hanging bathroom ark or apply to the corner. The other below the edge of the mirror, embedded on small dado, etc. , does not affect the original space, and don't have to change the basic equipment, make a small bathroom has elaborate practical receive equipment.

4, the bathroom ark color choice

the color of the bathroom ark is varied, when the choose and buy needs to pay attention to the overall design between wei yu agreed shall prevail. Generally is the light color is given priority to, can make between wei yu is neat and elegant, but also easy to match different design between sanitary ware. And dark bathroom cabinet more resistant to dirty, and if the surface appears a little wear and tear, don't seem so obvious. Also choose the color and transparent specular texture, can make the bathroom look clear and cool.

the choice of the five, the bathroom ark style

bathroom ark mainly American, European, four new Chinese style and modern style. European-style bathroom ark to use the color and design are bold, suitable for young household decorates the owner; The American and the new Chinese style style of bathroom ark elegant generous, can enhance the taste of between wei yu, Modern style is more and more people choose, simple design, though less surprise, but wins in practical is not clever.

6, selection of bathroom ark brand

in the country, the custom of bathroom ark manufacturer, although very much, but the quality of the custom of bathroom ark is differ in thousands ways, because there are some consumers do not understand the industry, so it is difficult to recognize the bathroom ark quality is good or bad. When consumer is choosing custom make bathroom ark, be sure to look for the good brand, good brand no matter from quality, service, after-sale protection will be much better than small brands better.

the sanitary ware that Appollo

good material, new craft

quality style, fashion trendy

reveal fashionable, environmental protection, comfortable household taste
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