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'Bathroom ark' farewell to chaos in the morning, found belongs to own the most comfortable way to get up

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-02
In the early morning of dim light, gentle, break the emergence of the first light of the night, we usher in a new day, twilight hand sticking out from the warm bed, Ann parked at the bedside alarm clock. Next, is panic you get up, open the bathroom Pandemonium? Or everything in good order, order to complete the morning wash and dress?

'can control people in the morning, just can control the life'

1, began in the early morning

you can't predict what will happen in the morning, but you can choose to use the way of how to face. Choose comfortable bed, the way in which the fresh bathroom, in order to start a day! Enter the bathroom, towel, toothbrush is ready, toiletries within reach. Everything in the right place, clean and convenient use. This is a reassuring order and efficiency. These seemingly simple space, save us from clutter, a time of life, the function to do fine, comfortable immediately. From the demand, to the pursuit of place.

from life and higher than life

the wei yu that Appollo in material or in the design, attention to detail. Style diverse styles, each product of the creative inspiration from life, under the stylist elaborate design and high degree of control, the design of bathroom ark are treasures. On the collocation of product appearance, stylist USES the sanitary ware that Appollo oak show the unique of the cabinet, foil, smooth texture in just now soften, let whole stand without frozen, rigid-flexible economic, presents the tall and beautiful. Create different modern style.

seiko design, details to win

select material: Appollo wei yu on the main material to choose A plate quality oak, design and color is beautiful, smooth texture, material is hard at the same time, the density is big, waterproof, durable.

environmental protection paint: Appollo choose in the paint on the wei yu that China resources environmental protection paint, implement the concept of healthy environmental protection, healthy and comfortable life for you.

high quality hardware: Appollo sanitary hardware to choose the high quality 304 stainless steel metal, all is through salt spray test and open test ten thousand times, make the surface of the metal at the same time in the service life of enduring, glorious takes a person.

the wei yu that has Appollo bathroom space, let you crush on this simple pure way of life, about the serious and the detail, shows the comfortable space effect. Its meticulous, dedicated,, can let you in every morning light, can see better myself.
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