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Bathroom cabinet and wet?

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-27

The function of the bathroom more and more rich, need to receive more and more, the bathroom ark as important tools into essential thing in the world. Damp bathroom is inevitable problems, the maintenance of bathroom furniture and moistureproof became the most concern you, what the hell should I do? We teach you five magic magic weapon ~ 1: plank selection is the key box board accounted for a large part in the bathroom furniture, want to choose a good bathroom furniture, main material can't careless. Warm prompt: the box body can be chosen board not only need waterproof and moistureproof, conform to the state E1 standard of environmental protection material is the key to protect the family health. 

 Magic weapon 2: on the back of the protection is very important in the process of selection of bathroom furniture, consumer must be attention to detail on the back. Adopt double decorative veneered backplane can completely avoid the density board base material after exposed, no longer have the opportunity to water from the cabinet put oneself in another's position on the back into the plate, waterproof is a good helper. Warm prompt: in real life, can't do it every time after bath very thoroughly remove the ubiquitous water and water vapor. The back cover can not only waterproof, but also extend the service life of furniture of the protector. 

 Three magic weapon: subtleties seeing much choose bathroom furniture must pay attention to small part of the humanized design, this is the critical factor in furniture of choose and buy success or failure. Warm prompt: when choosing must not let small parts, furniture production whether professional through observation of the details can accomplish know fairly well. 

 Magic weapon 4: internal space nots allow to ignore to the bathroom furniture commonly use after period of time, under the sink cabinet floor began to deformation, the reason is hidden in the condensed water bead the conduit in the cabinet left in the tank bottom to immerse furniture. Warm prompt: it's not easy to be noticed that will be because of carelessness on its protection and have serious consequences. 

 Magic 5: installing a process in place to install bathroom ark often need to digging holes on the box body board, multi-functional sealing side strip can tightly wrap sheet cutting edge, good waterproof effect. Warm prompt: choose the bathroom furniture that is only the first step. Water and water vapor is pervasive, want to be completely waterproof will choose the professional brand, do the waterproof moisture-proof from various aspects. In real life, can't do it every time after bath very thoroughly remove the ubiquitous water and water vapor. The back cover can not only waterproof, but also extend the service life of furniture of protector and a very important method. Source: China sanitary ware network would like to know more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website

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