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Bathroom cabinet light and decoration, sanitary fashion world a desire!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-05
'Light' represents a kind of elegant attitude, quiet, comfortable, but nondestructive noble and elegant; 'Luxury' refers to a kind of don't let people have the pressure, but the pursuit of quality and a refined, sophisticated life state.

as advocated by the wei yu that Appollo 'luxury', the pursuit of light and decoration is a very good thing, it can promote self attitude and taste, and can let oneself rationally in the face of life, do not blindly, not to show off, only to enjoy the good life. As well as a good marriage state is 'sugar' -- relatively free space for each other, each other can understand the true meaning of marriage, also is so fashion, light much fan is with elegant fashion attitude, and in the case of economic permission scope, pursue high quality life that defend bath.

Appollo sanitary ware designers in the design concept of 'luxury', blend in Italy elements, design of three light luxury boutique bathroom ark, unique artistic charm and stunning visual impact, reflects the details of the quality life style.

ponder fashionable and affinity, attention to tide, but not blindly follow. This paragraph - 8109 wall-mountable bathroom ark, contracted white fused smooth yellow, in the sense that gives a person shine at the moment on the vision. Camera obscura Spaces multilayer receive, clean up the dribs and drabs in life; Cushion hinge heart shape handle, in the quiet life to enjoy live flesh.

refused multifarious and romance, deliberately keep fashion, personalized style, the - 8202 floor bathroom ark are designed to fully show the combination of practical and aesthetic. Has a strong store content function, not only in the enclosed add drawer locker ark of the Lord on the right side, on the right side mirror added three layer storage, put more articles for daily use.

have good taste, no burden, with elegant aesthetic Angle of view, showing the unique humanistic care. - Bathroom ark 8200 high temperature ceramic bowl + Gao Qingyin mirror, easy to build a 'luxury' between sanitary ware, on the left side of the double drawer cabinets, layered put things in order. Choose PVC waterproof sheet, woodiness is hard; Panel multilayer environmental protection paint, green, more environmentally friendly.

when the steady pursuit of life and faith, will be reaching to the verge of poetry and the distance, the sanitary ware that Appollo 'luxury' socialist new bathroom ark, enjoy having a unique style of the bathroom life new idea, let people enjoy the beauty of life, enjoy the life that defend bath every wonderful moment.
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