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Bathroom cabinet: minimalist posture, definition

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-15
The daodejing, said: 'the beginning of all things, avenue of Jane, dating back to the complex. 'Minimalism, too, with a simple acme for pursuit, sensory contracted neat, elegant taste and thoughts.

just the right amount of net

better to the setting of the minimalist


can be felt, not language

Appollo, minimalist series

design inspiration

elegant quiet

Appollo bathroom ark TY - Series 550 sunny days, starting from the body and mind, for people to create a good life, bathroom product material using oak, concise appearance with the temperament of blue mist.

this is a at first glance, relatively simple collocation, real joy, are you used to it. Convenient drawer free hand in hand, close the mute technology allows you to feel comfortable enjoy.

high quality

quality enjoy life

the cabinet put oneself in another's position is made of multi-layer solid wood paint pirelli plate, positive use solid wood lacquer that bake 45 degrees is connected, plate timberwork, smooth shape, line is clear, more show Appollo originality process.

with concise give priority to color blue mist, acme in modern, large storage space, big pattern distribution, the design for life, they receive, to enjoy my wonderful life.

minimalism, embarks from the life

high quality

all show elegance of Appollo

you're worth it
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