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Bathroom clean little knowledge: make good mood start from the bathroom

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-15
Cool toilet can let a person have a day of good mood, but the bathroom is a place where water vapor in the whole house is more, how to stay dry?

1. Clean glass

clean mirrors and Windows will because long-term close contact with the water on watermarking, become blurred. Can use spray glass cleaner on the whole piece of glass blew a big x and then fold twist dry dishcloth, wipe down a direction, wait until the glass works seven minutes, reoccupy does cloth to wipe it again. Still can use old newspapers, paper printing ink can make glass shining first, also can wipe away the stubborn dirt.

2. Clean and sanitary ware

ordinary sanitary ware generally requires the use of acidic cleaner to undertake cleanness, there is a more environmentally friendly way is to use white vinegar and lemon peel; If it is acrylic sanitary ware, so congratulations you, only need to use ordinary toothpaste can, clean surface dirt scrub clean first, then a little toothpaste on dip in with soft cloth to wipe clean surface, sanitary ware can if brightness is new, also sends out a light faint scent.

3. Clean faucet and hardware

is relatively popular in the market now bathroom cleaner clean metal bibcock is the good choice of the stubborn stains, instantaneous break down stubborn stains, rust and residue of toilet, save time and effort, and the surface without any chemical residues, including traditional residual soap scum. Is also very simple to use, just a spray, a brush, a blunt, can make the product look brand-new.

4. Clean bath crock

coated with special cleaner bathroom, just a moment, such as dirt brushed except after dissolving, fall off, and then rinse with water. The ceiling of the bathroom wall and mildew, usually use microfiber cloth can be brushed away. If not, you can use alcohol or bleach water, also can have good results.

5. Clean basin

1, ceramic basin that wash a face for a long time use, easy to accumulate dirt, can use slice of lemon, scrub the surface of the basin that wash a face, for a minute and then rinse with water, can become shining. If besmirch is more stubborn, can use safety bleach water.

2, cleaning glass basin that wash a face cannot use boiled water, microfiber cloth, steel brush, strong alkaline detergent, hard edge tool, etc. It is recommended to use pure cotton cloth, clean neutral detergent, glass of clean water and so on, in this way can we keep the lasting bright as new.

3, face basin of stainless steel cleaning maintenance only needs to slightly wipe clean with clear water or detergent etc, can be clean as new.

4, Appollo sanitary ware the basin that wash a face is good, or with the ordinary toothpaste can clean, even if you use a decade eight years, can directly make products look brand-new!
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