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Bathroom decorate of actual combat: small family toilet decorates skills

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-01

The average size in 6 - comfortable toilet 10 square meters. But in before a second-tier cities, most of the domestic toilet area in 3 - 5 square metre. Comfortable with function cannot choose, want to get rid of the size limit, to study well small family toilet decorates skills, reasonable partition, use opportunely receive, can easily raise the utilization ratio of toilet. Toilet is the most used in the household life function area, set the 'wash', 'bath', 'toilet', 'laundry' four functions in one, between wei yu in the beginning of design to meet the demand of daily use, and to maximize avoid crowded space feeling, ensure the comfort level between sanitary ware. In order to guarantee to expand feeling of the space, the layout method of toilet to understand. 

 Function of small family toilet decorate techniques: the separation of small family toilet area is limited, the big four daily function to focus on the floor and is clearly not the most wise choice. Separation of function area, it is the area that wash gargle with offshoring to laundry area, only the toilet and bath area reserved in the 'inner', in this way can ensure wet partition, function partition, also avoid the peak of efficiency. Small family toilet decorates skills: half open area layout enclosed toilet can make whole toilet is more compact, try through the glass, cloth art, shower screen, such as partition to slightly, the bathroom into a half open area layout, water vapor can not only effectively partition, still can make toilet get bigger and more fully visual effect. 

 Small family toilet decorates skills: 'T' regional layouts, the so-called 'T', is divided into 'T' type toilet, entered the 'T' word shower or bath crock is put in a horizontal position, the word 'T' for middle dividing line, a vertical side position puts bathroom ark shower area, toilet is put on the other side as the toilet area. Such functional allocation pattern is very clear, easy to use. Small family toilet decorates skills: custom exclusive toilet of bathroom ark besides size limitation, also due to the inlet valve, pipe pillars, obstacles such as electric heating piece form deformation space, the toilet is irregular. This time we can be solved by the method of custom bathroom ark, condole ark can fill white metope empty area, increase the receive a space. 

 Ark of the Lord can wrap obstacles placed inside, repairing defective areas, let the sanitary ware looks neat and orderly. Small family toilet decorates skills: longitudinal use shower room metope of steam shower room is big, generally feel are not suitable for placed commodity, it is not right. Longitudinal use shower room metope, in metope installed basket or closet reasonable use metope empty area, according to the bathing habit, adjust the height of the wall to receive, put on toiletries, walk-in, is very convenient. Small family toilet decorate techniques: the toilet seat above 1 ㎡ blank area is often the most easy to ignore the above position, we can extend the bathroom ark or install condole ark or multilayer wall ark, categorizing everyday items placed in inside, if you worry about bacterial growth and/or water vapor intrusion, can choose enclosed closet, need not when can close the cupboard door, isolate water spray, dust make whole toilet looks neat and clean. 

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