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Bathtub teach you choose good

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-05
Workers busy all day, if you can on a beautiful hot tub, is really a great enjoyment. The bath is very popular with the people all the year round. Of course, at the same time of enjoying more thoughtful design, superior quality material with warm heart designed reveal temperament, more add to your life. At this time, to purchase a quality is good, use comfortable bath crock is very be necessary.

pick bath should pay attention to the following 6 points:

1, than the thickness. Tapping bath crock, can judge the thickness of the bath, bath crock large thickness, natural won't craze.

2, listen to the voice. When buying a massage bath crock also pay attention to the size of the motor sound. Can buy high-grade bath crock, if when buy 'testing the waters', listen to the voice, try the temperature better.

3, the gloss. By looking at the surface gloss of the material, suitable for any kind of material of bath crock.

4, touch smooth surface smoothness. Applicable Yu Gangban and cast iron bathtub, because both bath plating enamel, plating process is not good there will be a slight ripple.

5, hand, foot try firmness. The firmness of bath crock is related to the quality of the material and thickness of visual is invisible, need to give it a try in person, such as standing in, is there a sinking feeling.

6, choose the product that defend bath brand, reduce unnecessary trouble.

Appollo bath crock the sanitary ware that both from the aspects of material, gloss, smoothness, etc are superior quality, durable.
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