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Between the wei yu that creating comfortable perfect these details be short of one cannot

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-18
Small a slice of heaven and earth, between wei yu is essential to life illicit close space, we need it to relax, release occasionally prehistorical powers in the body, shed a pressure and tired. Then how do we make such a comfortable bathroom, these details should not be ignored!

it is well known that shower room can bring people to the relaxation of the heart, in the independent space to keep the dry wet depart between bath. Today is not some household in any area of the size between wei yu, will set up a suitable shower room.

one, before decorating partition is the primary

most of people will make a distinction between the space between sanitary ware, divided into the area that wash gargle, bath, toilet three major functional areas. And each area must have a clear division of responsibilities, design reasonable, human nature, use process can be comfortable.

2, the space that defend bath should make full use of the

general sanitary ware the space is not large, but want to place a lot of things, this time you can add some appropriate receive goods, such as in the shower room, such as portable receive pulls basket is placed near to understand abandon something, something appropriate to reduce, the existing things received neat, on the whole nature is not mixed and disorderly.

3, according to the structure between wei yu 'modified'

because when building design have been arranged in the water, so if no special factors, suggest don't change the design of the structure, especially the location of the installation of shower room.

4, shower room, the ground should choose good

in the wet area for a long time, in order to prevent water infiltration, caused the wall mildew, need to be a complete waterproof between sanitary ware, especially the ground of shower room, general choice marble material is for the better.

5, toughened glass shower room should be high quality

many people heard of shower room and bathroom basin occur explosive event, this is mainly related to the shower room of the choose and buy quality, in addition, the user's use may also affect the life of the product. So choose good quality product that defend bath is the right choice!

6, set aside enough switch socket

as demand increases, sanitary ware products is more and more, the function of the product also gradually increased. Many families install the whole shower room, massage bathtub, toilets and other sanitary ware equipment, while convenient but have to let people pay attention to safety problems, be careful not to overload power so as not to cause line.
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