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by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Many people are more and more high to the requirement of modern household sanitary facilities, hoping to the toilet in the home to add a separate bath space. Because the space is limited, in the bathroom has effect of saving space, dry wet depart of shower room is widely used in life, choose suitable for their own bathroom shower room became the most headache problem. In addition to the pattern of particularity of relatively large toilet need to shower room manufacturers according to the size, to custom-made shower room outside, generally speaking, most of the finished product widely applicable to the modern bathroom shower room. Finished goods shower room is the biggest advantage of convenient installation, the whole process does not exist too much multifarious process, only need to install can use directly, the cost price lower relative to special customized shower room. And decorous delicate design, can choose the product modelling is enough, the space of the occupied area is small, it is worth mentioning that in winter can make more steam shower room send out slowly, indoor heat to maintain a long time in order to achieve the effect of warm. In addition, the heaviest if shower room, users in the process of bath, to shower will not splash water to the outside, let toilet keep dry wet depart. The choose and buy size suitable shower house, the location of still need to consider. In terms of a small area of the toilet, is the most important is that of the space layout, general its layout is designed from low to high, namely, from the door of the bathroom, gradually in-depth. Among them, the ideal layout is sink toward the toilet door, and implement close to its side, set the shower on the flute. So no matter from the use, function or beautiful sense is the most scientific. If you choose to wet partition layout, so be sure to distinguish face basin, sit implement and channel and bath, as far as possible on the premise of ensuring channel, reasonably arrange the location of the other bathing necessity.
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