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Decorate a shower room must not ignore these large items

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Decorate a shower room is not so easy thing, there will be a lot of those places, therefore, we need early to do a lot of preparation, so that when decorate can more. So, when decorating, shower room should pay attention to those items? The following, shower room small make up to tell you the truth. 1. To do a good job of waterproof before laying floor tile, first of all should do a good job in waterproof it is very important, otherwise it will lead to leakage phenomenon. In addition, the geostrophic when laying still need to make sure that there is a slope, slope toward the floor drain, so conducive to drainage. 2. Do metope moistureproof metope in general we are will affix ceramic tile, so help to moistureproof, will not have any damage on metope so excessive moisture, but must guarantee the smooth, alignment, assurance and the integral feeling of the ground. 3. To do a good job of ceiling moisture proof that everybody should know, heat is generally to the spread of the above, so, also a lot of the moisture on the ceiling, in choosing a ceiling material, should pay attention to waterproof, anti-corrosion, rust. 4. Door window choose between wei yu is best equipped with Windows and so is helpful for ventilation and gas, is good for the body. If really no Windows, needs from the work above the door. In order to prevent the water to the spillover between wei yu, door industry should be slightly higher than between wei yu inside; Wei yu the gap between the door and the ground to grow bigger, to facilitate return air; If it is sliding door, floor tile between wei yu in the sliding door and do a waterproof layer. 5. Circuit laying problem must hang tin wire tapping between wei yu, and successively tangle on waterproof tape and insulating tape, in order to ensure safety, then it is best to wiring, that is installed in the line from the wall; The wire body must put on flame retardant tube; All switches and sockets must be moistureproof box, and location also depends on size and the location of the electrical appliances, to ensure that the use of convenient and reasonable. Shower room decorate in general we are need to pay attention to so many problems, may also be more small make up, and you must be aware of when selecting a floor tile, non-slip comes first, followed by beautiful problem, a lot of use shower room friends should also know this.
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