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Decorate between wei yu in, you must pay attention to these four place! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Between wei yu is decorated in the home also occupy an important position. Although do not need to spend a lot of money and energy to decorate, but its design must be reasonable. If the bathroom design, improper, will trigger a sewer blocked, water, etc. , more serious affect our family life, so what between wei yu is decorated should pay attention to, the following article will introduce you to the five points for attention. A bathroom, shower room decorate one of the most important is the dry wet depart. Modern people began to pay attention to the importance of shower room. If done well, dry wet depart will bring many convenience to our life. Between wei yu in the installation of shower room is an affordable and convenient choice, if choose the shower room quality, dry wet depart will greatly improve the effect. Second, when the ground laid of waterproof waterproof layer, should be laid in about 20 cm above the wall place, at least not less than the threshold level. Local plate with reserved pipe, waterproof layer will also need to reserve a pipe surrounded. After ground waterproof dry, must immediately with cement mortar or protective grounding, in order to prevent the damage of waterproof layer. Three laying floor tile, floor tile laying has three basic elements: about 1% of the drainage slope, toward the floor drain buccal; Be consistent in the thickness of ceramic tile juncture, aligned with brick joints. Four, washing a face wash mesa mesa should choose surface material and internal material composition and color are the same. Don't choose only one plastic shell on the surface of the mesa, because only the rubber shell on the surface of the table once damaged beyond repair. In addition, mesa and basin between seam must fill the gap filling agent, in order to prevent the water from joint effusion.
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