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Deepen the toilet revolution process, intelligent toilet bath life!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-04
Small toilet, the livelihood of the people! The toilet is needed for people to know things, so on the toilet became people to pay attention to one of the things. The emergence of intelligent toilet not only promote the progress of the toilet revolution, also greatly improved our quality of life and happiness. Toilet as life, and we have intimate contact of the product that defend bath, the body is common, but not everyone can experience comfortable toilet closestool. Appollo defending bath of new intelligent toilet meet your toilet intelligent enjoyment.

simple appearance, more show savour

Appollo sanitary toilets is extremely brief white fuselage, natural smooth lines draw an outline of the warm smooth appearance, make the product that is contracted fashion, beautiful and generous.

clean glaze, all show style

the toilet body through by 1280 ℃ high temperature calcination, glazed smooth and soft. High surface brightness, bibulous rate is low, to eliminate bacteria, dirt, highlights the sanitary ware culture aesthetic style.

intelligent remote control, convenient operation,

the wireless remote control, remote control distance, omnidirectional, operation more convenient and intuitive. Function all can use the remote control operation.

smart deodorant, cleaning the toilet

machine with activated carbon deodorization device, when the seat body takes a seat, when using deodorant function automatically open, shut down automatically when the body left.

slow down flat, quiet quiet grace

according to the principle of the damper damping device, the design of the seat, seat cover slowly down, quiet close seat.

seat heating, warm and comfortable

seat of microcomputer control in use can adjust temperature according to the need, even in cold winter, the seat is still warm and comfortable.

warm wind to dry, warm and clean

cleaned the hips will be adjustable warm wind blowing, make you feel more care, clean and bright.

automatically flush, change numerous for brief

no need manual operation, automatic sensor, warm wind or body left the seat after cleaning, the machine will automatically flush, even after the blackout press side automatically flush, also can realize automatic flush.

spiral wash, clean with no residue

then empress spiral rinsing, increase the cleaning area, increase the flushing strength, has better washing effect and comfort.

Appollo sanitary toilets, both appearance and performance, all show incisively and vividly. Not only will get rapid ascension, sanitary toilet life also promoted the process of the toilet revolution. Want to toilet way easier? Intelligent closestool let you have a clean, comfortable space that defend bath.
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